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Getting help and dealing with chronic pain

Hi there, I just joined this forum after trying to find support for chronic abdominal pain. I'll explain from the beginning. On the 9th of September I was admitted into hospital with chronic abdominal pain. I had an ultrasound and fluid was found in my abdomen, this later turned out to be blood. I was examined by several doctors and admitted with suspected appendicitis, I was transferred onto a ward and told I would be having a diagnostic laporectomy (sp?) with possible appendectomy. 2 days later this went ahead and my appendix was removed even though healthy. I was still in an incredibly large amount of pain 2 days after the operation after I was told I would be home within 48 hours after the procedure. I had an ultrasound again and a CT scan which showed nothing and after complaining I still had pain and was unable to urinate a bladder infection was diagnosed. I started on antibiotics and was still in a large amount of pain. I began to get really intense nausea, I had felt nauseous since admission but it became untolerable. I had my operation on the Friday and by the Sunday I was violently throwing up everything I ate and drank. I had several more diagnostic tests all of which came back negative and continued to be given morphine. This was stopped as the doctor decided it was making me sick after 2 weeks of being unable to eat. I was sent home on the 18th of September. I got home and became very unwell after fainting and being sick so much it caused agonising pain, I was readmitted via A&E, I was given morphine and anti nausea medication which I became reliant on, they helped with the pain but didn't take it away. made it only manageable. I was discharged again with Oramorph, paracetamol, iburprofen, gabapentin, lanzoperazole, cyclizine and a follow up with the chronic pain team.

I feel so foggy headedand feel like a danger to myself, I feel completely unable to function and the pain is so awful. Abdominal chronic pain seems to be the hardest to diagnose and I think I am going to get passed around a lot before I get help.

I am unable to work at the moment because it is so bad and I am not in control of my brain I feel.

I'm sorry for the long post and the fact is probably doesnt make sense, I'm just scared I'm going to end up a slave to taking pills every 4 hours and unable to remember why I walked into the kitchen.

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Hello there and welcome to the Pain Concern Forum here on Health Unlocked. I'm sure you will find a good deal of information and support from our excellent members.

Best wishes



Hello there

Nice to meet you

I totally understand why your so scared

My problem started with gall bladder being chronically infected then finally I was diagnosed 2 and half years after I first had this horrendous pain

They found I had sphincter of oddi dysfunction one consultant said I had more chance of winning the lottery than it being sphincter of oddi !

It was a horrid desperate time and I had to have everything ruled out first

I wonder do you think you have yet got chronic pain

Can you tell me more about the pain where it is? ,how it feels Anything so I may have a brain wave !

I still think you should be under the care of the consultant surgeon and then passed onto relevant consultant and the acute pain team . How can the chronic pain team teach you to live with this pain if they have nt found the cause ?

Sadly I used to get so bad that I would end up in A&E as pain even with opiate was so bad and I would have more tests done or just discharged no further forward

I look forward to talking to you more to see if I can help

But things do change there not always this bad sadly I have no happy ending to tell you but maybe you will find a happy ending

If I don't reply straight away I'm usually sleeping little nap lol

But I will reply

Take care squeak xx🐷🐭


Hi this sounds so much like my story started in September 2013 and still ongoing I've been in and out of A&E so many times admitted to wards only to be sent home days later with no answers made to believe sometime it was all in the mind ( believe me it was not this pain is for real) sometimes I just wished these consultants could have my pain for one hour lol .


Hi and really sorry you're having such a torrid time.

I was just wondering did you actually get told where the blood came from?

Did they do an endoscopy/colonoscpy to find if from anywhere along the gastric/ bowel route.?

Detailed ultrasound,ct scan of upper and lower abdomen?

I think the worst thing is not being given a reason for such an awful onset of symptoms and pain.

Have you thought of writing down a few important questions maybe including similar to the ones I have asked you in a short bullet point way and tell your gp that these are the answers you want as that is quite a few medications without a reason for the cause of your problems.

I really hope you get some answers,help and relief soon.


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