Chronic Pain

Having been affected with chronic pain and undergone many lower back operations including a spinal surgery and of course loosing my career and informed I would be wheelchair bound, taken every possible medication including morphine and oramorph, lost count of how many nerve blocks and epidurals etc etc, suffered depression, addiction to medication, I decided one day enough was enough and over many years re-trained myself for another in psychology as the mind was of interest to me, lets face my body had given up but the mind still good, so I studied and studied and more I concentrated on my work the less I concentrated on my pain, and finally I gained control over my pain, no more medications and no more treatments, then learned that pacing and concentrating on what I could do, how long I could do it for and not make my pain worse I became more and more mobile, to now many years later I am a psychologist in pain management listening to others with chronic pain and passing on my skills to empower and help them manage their conditions more effectively, build confidence and provide CBT intervention for depression, I genuinely want to help others unlike many services who use chronic pain as a means of making money. I hope my story opens you up to considering the possibility that anything is possible.

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  • I think you should get talking with Rock3 who has just posted - there seems to be so much in common! Probably far more help from each other than I can give.

    Give it a go and see if it hellps

    Pat x

  • Fantastic! Any help os great I aslsonhavechad dimilaepr type of help ist great to hearvpositive helps!,,,

  • Yes, yes, yes!! Well done! I hope lots of people read your post because this could benefit everybody. The mind is a truly powerful thing - learn to harness it's power and you can get well! This is REAL science.

  • You are a true inspiration to us all

  • You are a true inspiration to us all. Thank you

  • Thankyou for telling us your inspiring story, as we say in the UK 'I take my hat off to you !' X

  • Coun50..... Well done you....high 5.. Hope we to can be able and strong like you.x

  • hi couns50 i have been in pain over 7 years i have had decomprsion at l4 last year but the pain at my lower back and my legs are killing me all i do is take my tab just like yours and drink at times i lose it. i worked as a plasterer/roughcaster working all over scotland went to the football every week and now nothing i am totaly pissed of. i have also had a bad head injure at my left cortex and got epilepsy the docs at my surgery just dont listen useing my sticks i have had decompresion to my left shoulder got c.t.s and fell and got a broken nose which has been sorted if i wanted to i could take all my tabs mst15 mst10 duloxetine lyrica and a lot more i dont think that you could help me but it would be worth a try sorry about the spelling just fae my head smashed in i just cant put it toghether at times cheers dougie1916

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