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Hope I'm doing this on the right part.

Just need to put things down where other people with similar problems are so I don't feel like I'm going mad.

Had lumber spinal fusion and after a number of years metal work removed because I was still in a lot of pain. I am in chronic pain and have had various pain medication.

I was working full time but because of the pain I moved onto part time, I could not cope with working 8 hours and then driving 23 miles to get home whilst taking zomorph and gabapentin. I now work 4 hours after just having my second epidural, and still taking the zomorph. I am still in a mess and feel like I am hanging onto my job with my finger nails.

Can anybody help or empathize with me.

Sorry if my grammars bad and I ramble on but I did not do very well at school.

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Now one here Rod S will judge how or what you say. You write in any way which gets your message over and help and support will be here were we can.

Not sure what your job is but you say you are hanging on and only doing 4 hrs. Is there anything that would help you at work whereby your boss could make reasonable adjustments to accomodate your pain and need to take pain relief?

It is a start.

Pat x

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sorry only just replying I have seen occupational health and they think a sitting down job would be best but no job available sitting down, so I think I will have too give up my job because I am struggling to get through the day and they drive home I am an accident waiting to happen. only good news is I am being referred back to my surgeon who did my fusion.


Hi Rod, I slipped a disc 12 years ago and had to go private to have the offending bit removed from my spine. It's left me with chronic pain and numbness in my right leg. I'm working full time at the moment but I'm really struggling. Stupidly, I've been trying to ignore the pain and keep going, resulting in a lot of time off. I feel a lot of guilt about letting my employers down as I work in a healthcare environment and have patients booked in to see me every day who then need to be rebooked. My employers have been outwardly supportive but I can tell that they are sceptical about my pain. It's difficult explaining to people why, at 34, I sometimes struggle to get out of bed. I'm tired all of the time. I have a wonderful husband who supports me but I'm worried about the strain my illness puts on him. There are a lot of people in our situation out there but it's still very lonely. Only someone else with chronic pain can truly understand how it affects every aspect of your life. It doesn't help that my gp thinks loading me up with painkillers is the answer and the last physio I saw told me it was all in my head.


Hi Rod

I slipped my disc just over a year ago went private for a microdisectomy.... my pain has never gone away completley and I am now finding it coming back more on a weekly basis. My employers were quite supportive small company and now I am worried about seeing the consultant again as he may want to operate again.:( not sure how my employer will take it like you I struggle on a daily basis as I also have RA I may look ok and I come into work every day but believe me it is a struggle . My GP just gives out painkillers and then suggests that most of the aches and pains are normal for a 53 year old... but the future surely cannot be this . I would feel guilty taking any time off work but keep trying to tell myself that I must put myself first....


Hi sorry only just replying work as been supportive, but the occupational health said I need a sitting down job in fact everyone says I need to sit down, but there are not jobs sitting down available at this moment in time, so I am struggling to get through four hours and then drive twenty-three miles home.

I am desperate!


Hey RodS . Pleased to meet you. Your grammar is fine and you use sentences and punctuation. That's great in my book.

I can empathise but don't really have any advice apart from ask to be referred to the Pain Management team. It can be a wait but helpful in the long run.

Lumber spine pain effects every physical movement and action as I know well. Have you seen a physio or chiropractor to advise on exercises like stretching that you can do at home daily. I don't know a huge amount about failed lumber fusion. Has it made your back pain worse?



Sorry only just replying going back to see my surgeon. I think I'm going to have to give up my job, don't want too but the pain is to much and I'm a danger to other, and myself when I feel drowsy when driving home after taking my pain meds, more than prescribed a lot of the time.


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