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A Post as a reminder to Doctors who refuse to Accept...I HAVE NOT FALLEN...SINCE ORIGINAL Scan

My worry is my eyesight, it's becoming more blurred and shooting terrible pains as I use my arm's but worse on my left side , it has become excruciating, if I use my wheelchair I get it right in the centre of my spine between my shoulders on every bump, I have told every consultant I meet, but I know they are acting on legal advice, because nobody can have such excruciating pain between shoulders without some serious problem as my hands and arms are so sore especially in palms and fingers going numb and the same with my feet.

Three scans they said I moved on each one, but the last one I was rigid and made sure they could not say I moved, but still they say ' in fact consultant yelled at me "There is nothing wrong with your neck"...but two others have said that there is a problem with my neck, (one said, ENV SPECIALIST), said, I must have done it falling forward on my stick, since first scan, is, the one that cancelled my appointment ,with him'... day before I was to see him.

Second consultant said He could not operate on my prostrate because of my neck, (he was the one who gave me the result from Scan from the main hospital , but yet the neurological surgery , (that discharged me originally as not suitable for surgery) clinic, are still telling me...nothing wrong with my neck, after three scan's

Well why am I in excruciating pain all going up sides of face and head, and in the area where skull meets spine like a fire that rages in my ears and between shoulders and neck, the area I've been begging them to scan and tell me what the hell is going on for nearly ten years now.

I made this public so they can't wriggle out by stonewalling me again, for Christ's Sake it's my bloody eyes and I know it as I've looked it up, and until they acknowledge it I can't get them to stop me loosing my eyesight... Oh' and No' I am not lying .

PS' sorry People ,for saying this, but it seems the only thing I can do, as I have an appointment this Friday and want them to know I mean business, it's a hell of a thing to do , but what else is there to do ???? Blindness is not an option for me .

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Write this all down and ask to be referred to the eye department. Ask them outright if it is your eyes and if they say no, they are responsible for it then.


Thank you, your right and I will do that, but If I wrote down all the problems I've had with them, I would not be believed, as it is they are saying I'm a bit Paranoid, and I don't want to be seen as too difficult, as it will reduce my chances of persuading a consultant to consider what I'm saying with a view of doing something other than pain control, which leads to so many other problems, thanks again best Alex


It's just possible that impingement or nerve entrapment due to some damage or arthritic changes in your neck is causing probelm a with the optic nerve and maybe the arms too. I am sympathetic because I had a similar story ten years ago. In the end I consulted the Alphaklink in Munich and I had a disc replaced I my neck at C5/C6. The clinic no longer exists but the neurosurgeon who did my operation does and has a practice in Munich. There is someone in the UK who liaises with him and I can put you in touch if you are still having trouble and no help.


I would be most grateful, if only to confirm or deny the assumptions I've been given, but I have an idea myself, and I think it is long term damage of the nerves at the bottom ,as when I adjust myself and pull on that area , almost like magic the pain in my shoulder neck changes and it changes with movement too.

But as I've been driven to distraction to get the professionals to believe me, it's amazing how they will go to the ends of the earth to admit or deny another colleagues diagnosis or assumption.

Many thanks and yes please, best Alex


contact Mon Wilkie on or telephone 0771 026873

The neurosurgeon is Priv-Doz.Dr Andreas Frank. You can Find him on There is an online consultation form at this site along with John Willkie's contact details.

Good luck



Thank you Stephanie.


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