Pain and lack of mobility

This sounds trivial but it is disabling. I sprained my left foot. I caught up in leads without me knowing this. Got up and went down to the floor as the ligaments were torn. This was several weeks ago. Rested. Took pain killers. Then no pain and more mobility. Out of the blue all the pain and disibility returns. I am trying to lose weight by exercise. Hardly getting anywhere am I? Any ideas gratefully acknowledged. Start to move and the pain is excruitiating to the point where I think perhaps the bone is broken then I think no, can't be as the muscle hurts more. I just want to get back to normal. Have taken coidiene and ibruprofen. Cold ice packs. Why am I here on this planet.

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  • Hi Astitch in time, you probably need some gentle exercises for the foot, your GP needs to refer you to physio. But be patient it took me twelve months or more to recover from an ankle problem caused by incorrect exercise. And as I know extra weight does not help, I paid for acupuncture too but only time heals so be patient and try to adjust the exercises t o what is better for you personally.

  • When it comes to ligament and especially your ankle you need to take heed of the pain. You'd be better off breaking your ankle than damaging the ligaments as it takes 6 weeks for a break to heal but for ligaments it takes much longer & can take up to a year to 18 months to heal fully. That said , make sure you see a physio to give you specific exercises but you could get yourself a wobble board so you can start to strengthen up your ankle. Always keep ice or a bag of peas (don't use them to cook with after) handy for any swelling and use voltarol gel & ibuprofen to keep the swelling down. Don't use deep heat as it does nothing for the damaged area other than act as a skin irritant or clears nasal conjestion! Hope this helps. Kx

  • You need physiotherapy. During the period of rest muscles have shortened. This is probably causing the pain. You need to work at getting the muscles lengthened out again. This work can be painful. I know because I had this problem when I broke my wrist.

    You need to stop the exercise for the moment and switch to something like yoga. When one set of muscles play up all the body's muscles play up.

    Don't know what exercise to advise as set of exercise to lengthen out contracted muscles are very specific to where the injury has taken place.

    You are not aiming to strengthen muscle. You are aiming to get muscle more flexible again.

    Sorry I could not be more helpful.

  • I have an appointment with an accupuncturist and have contacted the physio department.

  • Ask them to give you exercises for home use they should tell You some but ask anyhow

  • hi its not trivial you are in pain how do you know the ligaments were torn did your doctor tell you this just asking you are still in pain i wiuld ask for an ex ray on your ankle .best to be safe i have fibro as well it does get you down please go ask for an ex ray ,

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