Flash of leg pain

Hi, new here. I've had this weird sensation for a while and have never asked the doc as it is weird to describe. Thought if someone else experiences it it'll help me word it...

If I am in sitting position or relaxed, then make a quick movement, like walking up and down the stairs at a moderate pace, then return to a standing/sitting/stationary position, I have a flash of severe pain in my legs, I guess closest I can describe it is between and ache and a cramp. I just stop moving, bear it, then it is gone and I am fine, no lingering pain whatsoever.

Thanks for any help!!

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  • Hi you've just worded it perfectly. Go tell your GP

  • I'll shoot him an email, think it's more curiosity then anything!! Thanks!

  • Hello

    Tingling,numbness or pins and needles ??? if it is down the outside line of your leg it could be a trapped nerve, your GP will assist, Sciatica or circulation comes to mind


  • No tingling or needles, just a quick cramp like feeling in both legs just after quick movement. Goes away as fast as it starts. Wonder if it is circulation or something, blood catching up?

  • Could be nerves in the muscles complaining cos you moved. Just throwing an idea as that is what I get though it is a sharp pain but does go quickly - well most times

  • That makes sense!! It does kinda feel like that weird stretching nerve pain.

  • I'm with the others, sounds like a pinched or trapped nerve, you have described it to a tee. If you are looking for a diagnosis go back to your Dr. I'm afraid they are rewarded these days for not referring people into clinics, so it might be a bit of a circus to get there, You don't say if this bothers you? Or if it is making your life difficult?

  • I have an auto immune condition so I receive great constant care. I'm also a big pain in the ass so I try not to harass them with trivial questions. :-)

  • You need to be part of your own care team and that means telling them Everything. it might be the missing piece of the puzzle.. it can help them tremendously. All symptoms count my dear and if there is a tiny problem that's growing into a big problem...

    well, you get it.. Wishing you luck and hope you let us know what it is. X Karen

  • I think you should check your gp and consult your physician as soon as possible to treat your pain. orthopedicsurgerysandiego.com/

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