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Mobility scooters and sacrum pain

So good to find other people who are suffering with similar problems. I have sacrum pain and was told that it was the result of ibd. Some days the pain is unbearable. To enable me to be more independent, I bought a solid tyre mobility scooter. It has made the pain much worse as there is no "give " in the tyres so consequently I feel every bump and dip in the pavement. I'm mentally a strong woman... but this pain is destroying my ly

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I hear you so much , as it's the same with me every bloody bump , so much so that I've taken more to my legs and to walking as I can cope better with that pain as I've done it for 28 years, this neck symptoms is so much harder to put up with it as I've only had it about ten years I think, but just after after my bike accident because it's so mind-bendingly so painfull now, it creeps up getting worse and worse, can you walk goathland ? because I would keep on your feet if you can as neck problems are so difficult to manage, but I've learnt that keeping up the muscle mass does help (only a bit) it's all I can add for you as it's how I try managing, it's bloody hard I know, best Alex


I am lucky in that bumps on pavement don't bother me. However my new scooter has air filled tyres and suspension. Am finding it much easier on my back. But this type of scooter is not as portable as my other one which I take in the car. So depending on what I need scooter for means I decide which one to use.


Oh you poor dear. All that I can think of is an egg shell cushion

to go under your butt. I'm not much help but You sound so miserable

that I had to wish for you that someone on this forum comes up with

a better idea. I sympathize. Back pain can keep us pretty isolated

especially when getting around hurts so much. XX K


I told the man who was selling me my Chariot what I had wrong and the one he sold me is fine. It has suspension and types filled with air etc. I would go back to the shop and ask what is better for you they might take it in part exchange or swop it depending on how long you have had it.

Sending hugs


Ramps may be the answer to get the air filled tyre scooter into your car. But the right ones are proving difficult to locate for scooter so I'm still waiting for both items from the dealer some months on. I'm unable to do any lifting so the fact the scooter comes apart is of no use because the batteries would be too heavy. I will also have to have 2 Tempur seat cushions on the seat to soften the ride as I always take them with me in any case just for a basic sit down. Some peeps use a hoist in their cars but dealer did not think there was room for one in my car which has quite a narrow opening. Still it gives me time to get used to the idea off using an off road scooter as I'm still not sure whether it's a good thing to do.


Thank you all for your kind words and advice. Having tried so much prescription medications I am fed up with fealing like a zombie. Now going to try a different approach. Warm baths, heat pad, ice pack, gentle exercises and rest. Many thanks for all your help xxx


sacrum pain is not always the result of ibd. See a massage therapist to find out if your muscles related to the sacrum area are too tight. This may make a difference.

Muscles respond to conditions sometimes by over tightening. Overtightened muscles often lead to pain.

Hope this is helpful.


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