Trying to be positive, doesn't always work!

I always tell myself, and tell my friends to always keep a smile on your face and be positive no matter what. But this past week has been a real struggle. I have only just managed to carry on at work, but at home I have had to use my stick constantly and taking a mixture of pain killers, long hot baths and icing all of my joints. Pain is crap. Trying to keep focussed on my genetics appointment on friday, which will hopefully give me some answers or ideas on where to go regarding a full diagnosis. Trying to keep positive, but it's so hard when in constant, relentless pain.

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  • Sorry to hear ur in so much pain keep strong I no that feeling not nice I suffer to of pain just have to rest and taking the pills have u got. Heat mat or tens machine I find they help a bit x

  • A tens machine is one of the only things that I've not tried, simply because at the minute I haven't got one. Thank you x

  • Hello

    Try Body Clock for your TENS if you want one. They are on the web

    The Pain Clinic if you attend may give you one and give lessons on its use. You can also talk to the RA Nurse who would possibly help

    Good Luck


  • Oooh, that might be a good idea, i'll enquire about that, thanks x

  • Oh right if u get th chance try it belevie me it does help x

  • hi their your not on your own and its good when you tell others but how many say the same to you pain is one thing that of us on this page are in so from me to you keep thinking positively and you will be able to cope, i with you in spirit but not in body so i will be thinking about you take care kind regards bigalan

  • Yea this page is really good to talk to people that r going through the same things as u nice to share different things

  • Thanks bigalan, it does mean a lot honestly! It is a nice feeling knowing that others are in a similar situtation (but not that you, amongst others are in pain.) X

  • hi their stretchygirl i know what you mean that's why on the site i've found that people like me and you are there for each other because we know what the other person is going through and we are in the same boat as it were take care many i ask for your first name please i'm Alan its just for years the big part is for one i'm 6ft 3in and at my biggest i was nearly 28 stone now i'm 19 stone 1/4lb get weighed again on thursday hope i've lost a bit more take care Alan x

  • Hi, yes & me and more!! Please let me know if I can Help you further??


  • I think sometimes it's ok to sink a bit. It's the relentlessness of the beast. Every waking second of every hour every day. It's no wonder the positivity has run for cover. Re Tens. It acts as a distraction for me. The pain is still gruelling along in the background. If you get one give it a good chance and be creative where you put the pads. It took me months to form a good relationship with it.

    Throwing you positive vibes and a spinkling of star dust to light a dark corner. Here catch.

  • Thank you, once again it does mean a lot! I like to think that I do stay positive the majority of the time, but when I'm in a 'low mood' it seems to hit me bad. But I'll be fine, crack on the same as I always do.

    A tens machine is definitely something ill look at! X

  • Hi StretchyGirl: I completely understand your feelings on being positive as I try to be that person that rejects the negative comments & stay on the positive side but it is exhausting to be in pain when all you want is no pain.

    Just be who you are and don't strive for perfection in all things because that will make pain worse. Being free of stress in your life is what we all strive for and meditating or just giving yourself some "me time" to rest and relax and drink some "ginger tea" which helps so much with pain. I got the organic crystallized ginger and I slice off some and put this in boiling water and steep for 3 minutes and I use organic honey for sweetness. It's helped me and I also am very big on essential oils. I recommend the Wintergreen oil (Young Living) for pain as I put that on my wrist and arm this morning and it has helped me so much. I also ride a stationary bike and walk for exercise. Stay strong! You have us when you feel Gods love

  • Thank you. I'm definitely that sort of person! They're also good ideas which I will look at, thank you! Regarding the exercise I do as much I physically can do, with my static bike, exercise equipment, walking and swimming. Swimming is one thing where I can feel a bit of relieve for a short while. X

  • Dear Stretchygirl: Hi, I wish to know what a "static bike" is? Is it the same as a stationary bike? I don't have the new kind that sits low & is easier on your joints,at least, not yet! I can't swim but I do go in the deeper water just to bicycle with my legs which I was taught to do in rehab. I put the long foam thingy's around me and it holds me up. Sometimes I lay on the floor & I can hear my back cracking but it feels so good -ha-ha. Let me know ok? Thank you!

  • Of course you want to be positive and it sounds like you are doing everything you can to help yourself. But there is no denying the fact that chronic pain is not a cheerful thing, it's horrible, and it's OK to give yourself a break from the smiling sometimes and to have a good moan / cry.

    Hope your appointment goes OK

  • Thank you. It is tiring being positive all of the time! X

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