Something has to work!

Something has to work!

Fired up my TENS machine today. I have no idea how to use it. I've read the instructions and put the pads on where I think they should go. I don't know what it's meant to feel like or anything. I think a trip to the pharmacy is in order to ask them for a bit of help!

I also bought a bottle of CBD oil today and it tastes strangely like over stewed, unsweetened black tea. Like the remnants in the bottom of the mug. No noticeable pain relief yet but I've only had 2 drops, so I'll give it time.

I was given chili cream yesterday by the Pain team and they told me it would burn. So I put it on a couple of times yesterday and it was all fine. Put some on before bed and then woke up 2 hours later feeling an intense burning pain at the back of my knee. I think it must have been that I slept with my leg slightly bent and it got sweaty/pores opened and the cream got deeper or something. It wasn't pleasant!

CBD crystal arrived in the post last week but I'm yet to try it. I'm thinking maybe cookies or a cake. Does anyone know if dissolving it in chocolate rather than butter would work?

I'm optimistic that something or a combination of these things will work and reduce my pain!

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  • Tens machines can be very painful, when you use it make sure it is on the lowest setting and increase the power slowely on each one. Good luck and God bless all who uses it.


  • Hi I often use my tens machine. It's quite simple once u get the hang of it. The physio told me to put the power low at first then as u get used to it turn it up a bit. Make sure you turn power off before removing the sticky pads or you will zap your fingers !

  • I couldn't get any help with the tens machine but majority of people seem to get on fine with them. From what I read many years ago, I got the impression the oil needs to mixed with a fat content food item, hence the butter so maybe chocolate would be ok. But not sure. Cake buns/ cup cakes sound good. And easier to measure out the portions. Interesting topic

  • Chocolate contains magnesiom and that has been used for pain before it has other uses like it's good for heart issues!

    I also have been given "DOLMITE" which is some sort of calc-Mag combo will relieve cramping pain real well but make sure you are drinking enough water every two hours and every 4 hours drink a sugar free juice that is 100% real fruit when you take your dolmite- I've always been able to find Dolmite in a larger vitamin retail store.

    At least you don't have to be afraid of it!

  • Do you get the CBD in the uk?

  • Yes. The oil from Holland and Barrett. The crystal from CBD life website. CBD is legal in the UK

  • I've got a tens machine also but no knowledge from anyone in how it works and whether it works on pain or not. I just know it got sent to me in the mail .

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