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Cocodamol doesn't work anymore?

I hurt my back 5 years ago. I take 5 different pain killers at their max dose. My cocodamol has stopped working and my Dr won't up my dose.

I am not worried about long term side effects, I just want to be pain free?

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hello BKJN

You say you are taking 5 different pain killers at max strength. What are they?

How do you know it is the cocodamol which isn't helping?

5 at max strength is a huge amount. to be brescribed.

Have you seen anyone from the pain clinic or pain management team?

You also say your 'hurt' your nack. have you had a diagnosis for the pain?

Pat x



Ask your GP for a referral to a PAIN CLINIC, They will train you in the use of TENS and advise on medications, also if required can refer you down the line to different departments for treatment.

RELAXATION TECHNIQUES are introduced and they will help you control your conditions. Pacing your life will also be explained.

If your GP will not send you to pain clinic ask for some training on a TENS, that could be explained in Pysio.

You say you take five different pain medications, that really needs to be looked into, Pain Clinic will assist also.

In the past our pysio department used to have courses regarding RA and how to control the condition with exercise and other activities. Many Hospitals also to weight loss courses so as to take weight of your effected joints.

Good Luck



BkGn Hi I was also on a Tens machine and Cocodamol 30x500 mg. These together with Pregabalin did not work for me.

On my last visit to the Pain Clinic 29th January there the Doctor said that as I did not have any luck with the various medication that I had been on perhaps I should try the Transdermal Buprenorphine Patch BuTrans Patch at 10mi per hour.

This was 1 week ago and its great.

Was at my Doctors today and am getting an extra 5mi more in order to help with my pain.

Hope that you too get a result. .

So now its only the Patch that I wear an with no side effects. Sam.


Hi there Pirate i use to be on the 20 Mg BuTrans patches but even though they were working great for the pain in the end after using them for close to a year they started burning the skin and every time i removed one i had a huge blister the size of the patch i was told it is common for people to get a reaction after a while and all they could do was to stop them and put me back on 120 Mg Dyhydrocodone which i had been on for years along with paracetamol, Pregabalin plus taking Oramorph as ans when i could not stand the pain any longer the Oramorph works quite good but you have to keep taking it every couple of Hrs to get the full effect but it does make you drowsy i only use it if i have to go out and i cannot get out of it whilst in the house i do without and just have to put up with the pain as i know if i keep taking it it will slowly stop working as my body gets use to it which has happened with most pain killers i think over the years i have been on just about every type of pain killer that is made. and i know that the GP cannot give you certain drugs themselves and you have to go through your local pain clinic.

good luck with getting on top of your pain

regards Poppy Ann


Poppy-Ann Hi sorry that you could not stay on your patches.

As for me yes the Patch is working for me as my legs dont feel heavy tight or sore now and thats great as all in my legs were getting me down .

My foot is still giving me pain even now that I am on 15mi of BuTrans Patch.

Hope that you have a good weekend. Sam.


You do need to watch the cocodamol - as much because of the paracetamol component of it as the codeine. It is definitely very dangerous to take more than the recommended dose of paracetamol. Also taking too much codeine can depress your breathing to a dangerous point. Someone in our village recently died because of that - had built up to taking high levels of codeine regularly, and it depressed his breathing at nighttime so he struggled to keep breathing well enough, until the point where his body just gave up. This guy was only in his early 40's too, with young kids. So sad, and so unnecessary.

I echo what the others have said. If your pain meds aren;t working, then its time to see Pain Clinic. I've also just gone that route, and been really surprised to have the pain specialist come up with a great strategy for slowly switching my meds around, with the end result that I am taking a lot less in total, and getting a lot better relief. If you'd asked me before I went, I wouldn't have believed it was possible.


I have the same problem regarding co codamol. After seeing the specialist a few weeks ago regarding an operation on my back, he has referred me to a pain clinic as he is reluctant to go ahead with surgery as it is too dangerous and he is not sure I will have good results. It is encouraging to read all your comments about the help offered by the pain clinic and also that a lot of you suffer with pain on a daily basis. I keep thinking there is something else wrong as the pain is so severe and is constant. I realise now that my body has got used to the meds, co codamol that is. So thanks for the encouragement. Ann


There are plenty of alternatives to explore for a med free life. Yes you may have still have pain, but you do on meds, yes you may not be able to do everything you want, but meds give horrible side effects which may limit your abilities too.

Pilates, yoga, massage, sports physio, meditation, relaxation, hot/cold therapy, aquarobics, swimming (on your back only), hydrotherapy, accupuncture. And many more. Most are enjoyable and give varying amounts of relief. It's fairly easy to structure your day to keep topping up on the therapies. You do need to find an instructor experienced in back injuries to ensure you don't over do it. Many will give you things to do at home so you only need a few sessions.

All will relieve the symptons over time, give you coping strategies, increase your stamina. You will also learn to read your pain, get to know the ones to ignore and those to pay attention to.

It is the nature of pain killers to work for a while and then need to be increased as your body gets used to them.

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I would like to add a Dr. Pohl is pioneering treatment that involves pain management with out narcotics.....opioid induced a complex nomenon where the pain meds are actually magnifying your chronic pain.....Google him and ask the Dr treating you x


I agree with what zanna says. I am not sure about the enjoyable bit of some of the activities. Different people like different things. Pain killers attempt to control symptoms, they do not tackle causes. If the cause that leads to the pain has got worse (deteriated) then you may want more pain killers to stop the pain, but the increased pain killer regime is unlikely to work because you are not tackling the source of the pain and discomfort.

The body is a physical system obeying the laws of physics and engineering. A chemical fix will not change the laws of physics and engineering. Over contracted muscles causing discomfort and pain need to be fixed by physical means. Pressure on nerves causing pain and discomfort require the pressure to be taken off the nerves.

Lack of sleep due to pain has a knock on effect in that it can make the discomfort behaviour of muscles worse. You need to find ways of getting more sleep.

You need to do your own research to find a physical system of health treatment which works for you.

Hope this helps


So sorry you are such a lot of pain. I have suffered too but I am now over the worst butbstill remain on controlled drugs. I would suggest that you get a referral to Pain Managment Clinic where they can go through various meds and other ways of controlling your pain.


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