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Yesterday I had my appointment for the ESA I waited an hour before I went in and when I was called in the person behind the desk asked what I was doing here so I told her every three years I have to be seen by some one like u to see if I am fit for work or not so we went through what as happened at the end of it she said my report will state that I should not attend anymore appointments because my health will not get any better but it will get worse, but I told her that they will not do that just because on my other benefits I have for life the ESA will never do that they will want to see me every three years no matter what u put in the report.

Also yesterday I got a letter from my specialist he is thinking about an operation or amputation off my ankle if I have an operation on my foot it will make my CRPS worse than it is now and I dont want anymore amputations.

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  • Hello Peter

    They don't do life time awards any more as with Incapacity Benefit but they can mark you as 'indefinite' which hopefully they will. That should stop you trailing in every 3 years.

    But like you say...will they>

    Why does the surgeon want to operate o you foot? Did he say why>

    Hope the rest of you is now healed and I can even hear a smile on your face!!


    Pt x

  • Hi pat I think it's because my foot is twisted but if he operates the CRPS will spread up my leg I just want them to leave it alone. By the way the court as ruled that my son stays with me my ex family tried to get him so it went to court the judge told them because what she done to me that she is not fit or her family to bring him up I think he is happier with me he gets what he wants from me, thinks are going well with me and Jane how are u and David doing hope u are both well

  • Said there was a smile...Jane!

    Obviously the surgeon believes he is helping your foot but if you explain he will leave it alone. You have been through so much.

    And yes your son should live with you - hope you are managing together?

    Nope David not good at all. Going for ultra sound scan today - yes Saturday morning. Just hope they find whatever is causing him to be bad.

    Pat x

  • Hello Pat

    Saturday for a scan ?, down here you never seen until Monday. I hope your David is ok


  • Don't forget Bob - David is wed to a Rotweiller!

    Seriously - to maximise department they do in patients at nigh and out patients during the day. Actually makes sense for omce.

    No results but GP will call immediately they are back.

    Sure its nothing


  • Sorry to here that hope he gets better soon, pat u done so much for me I have u to thank I would not be here if it was not for u

  • Thanks Peter just got to find cause for David's problems.

    We gave you a great big shove and all supported you. You did the hard work and took the beating.

    Onwards and upwards for you now!


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