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Hi all just to let u know in the next week or so I will be moving into my new flat it has the adaptation that I need there are other flats and bungalows on the same grounds I will be talking to the social services to see what I will need from them and on Friday I will be going to see the flat and pay the deposit. I would like to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart that has surpported me and I am no long thinking about ending my live it's a brand new start and I intend to in joy it so thank u again plus it was made possible by my lawyer for getting me half my compo from my car crash that I had two years ago also I get my new car on Friday that will help me get out more and I cannot wait to she her face when the removal men turn up

Best wishes to u all hoping u have a pain free day

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  • This is wonderful news Peter and so much for you to look forward too now. Go for it you deserve that chance.

    Just shows when you reach out for help and support people here will rally. But sounds like you have done the donkey work - we have given you the confidence to take those giant steps.

    Keep safe my friend.


    Pat x

  • Am SO pleased and relieved for you.

    Enjoyed y yourself in your new home and feel safe in your sanctuary.

  • You've finally got the break you deserved. Wonderful news. Enjoy your new home and good luck with the FUTURE. x

  • Peter,

    I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled I am for you - I am so sorry that it needed to get so dark for you before you came back into the light, welcome back 😄

    Having the choices that the money will bring you will make such a difference.

    Please do stick around here and let us know how you're doing and throw us some positivity on our dark days - you are living proof of how life can turn around.

    Well done you!!

    From one of your many friends and supporters on here




  • I am delighted to hear this news. We have been so concerned for you. You are an inspiration and have demonstrated that change is possible and we don't have to accept carp. Good luck in your new life. X

  • We don't have accept crap either!

  • I like carp. Has an air about it


  • An air of river bank!!

  • Oh Tales of! Ratty. Mole and?

    Now i am humming the tune


  • Wonderful wonderful story, love it!

  • Roderick the rat. (named my rabbit after him!) Hammy the hamster.

    Now showing our age!


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