Have struggled with neuropathic pain now for nearly 8 years ago. Now my mobility is severely effected, getting round is really struggle. Had surgery for reflux and it has effected femoral nerve. Without pregabalin my legs do not move. Always had numb spot in right leg although sore to touch used to limp about few days and then would return to normal although could probably walk about 1 hour and new that was my limit. In last couple of months mobility in right leg has been effected badly and have not been able to work for 5 weeks now and got another doctors line yesterday for 1 month. Doctor put me on duloxitene yesterday as well as pregabelin, maxitram and paracetamol. Looks like will be drugged up to eyeballs. Do not sleep much due to medication side effects . Mobility is really starting to worry me. My GP does not refer you without fight. So used to attend pain clinic so I wrote to consultant myself to see if he would at least re-assess my case, GP said he had letter from him. So see what happens there. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Hi there

    You haven't mentioned whether you've seen a Rheumatologist? If not, perhaps asking your GP for a referral may be a good idea?

    Other than that all I can suggest is to start your new medications over a weekend when hopefully you won't have too much else going on. The problem with starting more than one new drug at a time is that you don't know which one is helping/not helping and where any side effects may be coming from.

    Good luck with the new meds

    Lu xx

  • Hi. Sorry to here how things are at the moment for you. My Chronic Pain started in 2005 following some Radiation Treatment at my hospital here in Birmingham.

    I had the same problems with my GP. He wouldn't refer me to the "Pain Clinic" So after a "head to head" in the waiting room I changed GP.

    To be honest I should have done this much sooner!!

    I have similar problems at the pain clinic!! Don't' let that put you off mind you.

    I have now found a good one but itis in Liverpool. Nice 2hr train journey as well.

    They want to do "Deep Brain Stimulation" but the NHS won't Fund it for me!! "Great"


  • Glad you found a good pain clinic albeit 2 hours away. Not saying the clinic is bad it is just underfunded and they are limited to what treatments they can offer. Think the one in Glasgow is better but GP refuses to refer me since they do nerve blocks. So just have to muddle along.

    See what happens this year. Sorry NHS won't fund your treatment it seems to be one long fight to get anything now.

    Take care.

  • Hi, thanks!! How far is the one in Glasgow for you?? To be honest the journey is straight forward. Taxies & Trains are ok it is a 3hr journey one way. Mind you I would go anywhere for some pain relief, at present I am house/be bound due to the pain. The consultant at the pain clinic has put me onto some new patches as the morphine ones had no effect at all. The NHS hasn't got any money so it is no supprise at all to be honest. We are talking big monies for the DBS Treatment!!


  • Do you have any other symptoms, such as headache, I.B.S, depression, blurred vision or bladder trouble? If so, it may be a condition like fibromyalgia, in which case therapeutic treatments can help. If your condition is that bad and you can't work, you could look into claiming PIP to help pay the bills. Have you tried acupuncture or maybe some form of gentle exercise?

  • You seem to have a similar problem that I have, and yes you have to mix meds to get best pain control, but I do think moving as much as possible helps me sometimes, but it's not overdoing it that is my problem.

    But I find that if you go out maybe an hour after you have taken meds you get the benefit of the anti-inflammatory working which allows movement and then just finding ways of walking, that fit's in with the affect's of you particular mobility problem, and you practice movement as much as you can, and I find that after the effort I feel better and can sleep better as well , I do sympathise best Alex

  • Try to keep moving would drive me daft sitting around all day. Just not moving very quickly just now which is deflating but will just need to keep taking meds and doing physio exercises and hope in time will get at least slightly better.

  • That's my girl, and yes not moving does drive you mad, it's the effort I think where you get the benefit from exercising , also the circulation must flow and you soon notice the difference, but it is hard making the effort sometimes, but I've been at it for many years and still my body can throw up different pains and feelings , more with bloody headaches now and shifting pressures all the time make for making supreme efforts of coping, as now the soles of my feet drive me mad with how the fluctuating of the ground can make for a complete change in pain symptoms, from back to neck and the neck pains do take it out of me, I don't know how it is with your moving problems best Alex

  • Simply my Right leg has decided it is fed up with walking so is on go slow just now. It is getting more difficult. Although might be slow still get up walking about not very far I admit but keep at it each day and hopefully get easier. Starting is worse cause can be quite stiff. Knew the day would come when it would be more difficult was told about 5 years ago would never work again but have managed so far but think the day is getting nearer when I might have to give up work if leg does not improve. Keep at it each day, gets you down but heh ho that's life. Onward and upwards !!!

    You take care and really appreciate the friendly advice. Thanks.


  • Seeing a consultant will get you a diagnosis and a drug regime. it will not tackle some of the issues that are affecting your quality of life. For this you are going to need to examine the complementary medical route.

    Two types of practitioner spring to mind. McTimony chiropractic and Alexander Teacher. The McTimony chiropractic will help you with any muscle spasms that are causing grief. The Alexander Teacher will help educate you about the problems poor posture and muscle usage cause. Bad muscle behaviour can cause mobility and pain problems and these problems can be reduced, but not by the medical profession as the medical profession is very ignorant on how muscles work as an engineering system.

    Hope this helps

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