Well today had a happy start as my daughter celebrates her 20th birthday

I had a hospital appointment for a new opinion on my LS. Sad to say I broke down in tears as the consultant wanted to do a further biopsy. As LS attacks the groin region and your most intimate region. I have had 4 or 5 biopsies already. extremely painful !!!!

so having it do at his next clinic which is in October.

Now to finish the day with my beautiful daughter and her birthday cake... she has got special party cupcakes...mmm

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  • Cake? You said cake? That magical little word Oh yes please.

    Before you go back in October jave a small cup cake to take you mind off what's to come. Or big one if that's more suitable.

    Pat x

  • I'm so pleased you have such a special event to distract you. I hope,you have a lovely time celebrating your daughters birthday.

    I absolutely agree that level causes the most ferocious groin pain 😏

    I do hope you soon get some relief from the pain.

    In the meantime - as Pat said, enjoy that cake!!!




  • I like cake, although I would get my hands slapped if you were to offer

    Have a nice time with your daughter


  • Hello Bob

    the cake was great.


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