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I've seen a lot of posts on here about people suffering terribly with lower back pain caused by bulging discs. I just wanted to share my experience of this therapy. Firstly its not available on the NHS and is very expensive. It is usually , or in my case anyway, performed by my osteopath. Three years ago I herniated a disc at L3 taking my shoes off. It was so painful and I was bedbound for several weeks. Painkillers did nothing, visited a chiropractor who would not touch me because the pan was so severe. In desperation I researched and found out about IDD therapy at my osteopaths. It cost me approx. £1300 for 20 sessions. It's a bit like the old fashioned traction the NHS gave me many years ago but much more sophisticated and linked to a machine that calculates the amount of tension to apply. Its completely painless and I have to say that after the 2nd session I started feeling relief. Now I know everyone can't afford it , in fact I couldn't now as not working, but just thought I would put it out there for people to do their own research. If it helps anyone I'm glad.


Jo x

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  • Sounds good wonder if the people doing it will take an I.O.U lol

  • I wish the NHS had this on offer! I'm afraid I don't have a savings pot that large or I would be asking for more details!

    I'm very glad you found something to relieve your pain.

    Many thanks for sharing.

  • Any idea why it is so expensive, please? Also, why 20 sessions? Thank you.

  • Hi I don't know about the cost. May differ from practice to practice. They recommended 20 sessions to get best possible outcomes. Again it may differ.

    All u so know is that it really helped my back. But still have to be careful as will always have a weakness. My previous work was quite physical which I'm sure didn't help my back.


    Jo x

  • Thank you for your reply, Jo.

    Best wishes,


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