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Sometime ago I mentioned about starting up a face to face group for people with chronic pain amongst other things people may suffer with. For some I know it may be possible to venture out for others not. Also for some it can be isolating not having anyone. So I would like to bring into the mix, for this reason was thinking of doing a skype group so if people couldn't come one week, or are unable to not go to a meeting at all there's still away of joining in. Its away of sharing experiences, stories an tips. Letting people know what works for you. Socializing in a group, a way of escpaing the same four wallss there's so much.... Here's my email niamneon@gmail.com

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  • sounds a good idea at times when I have a flare up that lasts many days I feel very low and feel like locking myself away in a room . where are you based i/m in the south west of scotland , just retired , pain is in my wrists at times i/m sure they are broken , Ian

  • Hi Ian, I'm near to London and I know what you mean about locking yourself away. I am 2 days in to an 8 day course over 6 weeks and have learnt a fair bit. We will be learning about flare ups. As when they come it feels like hell. I am 48 an refuse to believe this is it for me

  • Hi

    how are you today , I have had pain for the past 14 years and have good days and bad ones , worst when I have a flare up that lasts for a week or more , gets me down big time , but somehow you must dig in and get through it . I know from experience that it is easier said than done . If you wish , tell me all about your treatment etc . after 14 years I have been told I do not have peripheral neuropathy and will have to be re assessed , I have been for an MRI scan , and i am shortly going to see a pain specialist , in the meantime I have just started giving acupuncture a try , only noticeable improvement so far is that I get a sleep for a night following treatment , but I had to try something and at £40-00p a go it is not cheep . Ian

  • I have had pain for almost 7 years they say its bulging discs wear and tear and degeneration. Up until last year I was in and out of hospital every year or up a an e. This year none of that, I have had various medications, epidural and facet joint in jections nothing worked apart from acupuncture which gives me a little relief. So as previously mentioned am on pain programme course. About 3 weeks ago joined tai chi, an also came off my pregabling to help to lose weight. I have tried various massage machines and tens things. Even bought massage adjusta bb le bed but think mattress too soft. I know now its about not giving up on our goals but breaking them down and PACING

  • yes pacing yourself plays a big part of my life now , i have always been active ,love garden projects which usually involves a fair bit of manual labour , but i find it gets more difficult carry tasks out , but on a good day i still do too much , my wife keeps on at me to get help , but i keep telling her I need to do things for myself . it sort of keeps me going . there is a fine line between pacing yourself and doing too much , I think you have too satisfy your mind as well about the amount of things you do , does that make sense? Ian

  • It does make sense and I understand exactly what you mean, if you keep busy your minds off the pain. but for me now I have had to take a step back and think, do I want to keep doing the things the way I have ie on a good day I do this this and that but then suffer for 2 - 3 days or do I pace and enjoy a little less pain also in my house hold there's me 2 children 21 an 19 and daughters boyfriend of 19 who can be lazy

  • I'd like to meet up. but we are surely all over the country. I'm in kent.

  • I would like to set up something in and around london so people like yourself can come

  • Let me know when you next in London and if you still want to meet we can arrange something

  • Sounds like a great idea keep me up to date pete

  • Will do

  • I live in Sheffield so if anyone wants to get in touch you can get me on here or at peteoliver1@gmx.com Pete

  • Hi Pete I did email you

  • I sent you one back but for some reason at the minute lot of mine are not being received .I will reply with my other account


  • London would be good for me if I'm there anyway for work. I tend to go once a fortnight. How about early evening in a quietist pub or cafe in central London near a bus stop and tube line? I'd love to meet up with others who understand.

  • That sounds like a good idea, I could put a post on here when we are ready to meet. if you let me know when u in london next.

  • Next Wednesday! Who else wants to meet up with us?

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