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Scrambler therapy

Has anyone heard or tried Scrambler therapy, also known as Calmare therapy.

its available in America and some parts of Europe, but can't see it in the Uk. It is for neuropathic pain, and also CPRS, like most things new sounds amazing! non invasive and no side effects. uses electrodes to send painless electrical signals to the damaged nerves, and the nerves relayed those signals to the brain. aim is for the new signals to brake the pain cycle by retraining your brain

Love to hear from someone who has tried it

thank you..Nicki

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Thanks- have you a link?


I am posting a link below to a description from the Mayo clinic in America,


Let me know what you think, thank you,

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Thanks for the link- certainly seems to work for peripheral neuropathy. But has it been tried for Restless legs??

And now we come back to the ongoing discussion as to the difference between those two conditions. And I do think they are different.

I have absolutely no pain whatsoever with my restless legs. Full stop.

Many people come on here complaining of pain in their legs and other limbs and claim rls. I just wonder if that is a valid diagnosis.

Just wonder!

Thanks for the post.


If your still interested I was in the original clinical trial at the mayo (induced by chemo). From 3200mg gabapentin to zero. This was 4 years ago. My feet we’re like they didn’t belong to me (dead of feelings). My hands were going and I had a cane. If you ever found it let me know, I know someone in the UK that could use it. It was a miracle for me.


Yes have heard of it but not anyone who has received treatment.

This may explain why UK doesn't have it plus bit more about one success. Needs a lot more trialing I would say.

s there any independent research?

There seems to be very little independent published research on the device. However, a review of preliminary studies of the device published in 2016 concluded that:

“The positive findings from preliminary studies with Scrambler Therapy support that this device provides benefit for patients with refractory pain syndromes. Larger, randomized studies are required to further evaluate the efficacy of this approach.”

Scrambler Therapy® is a licensed technology and that may explain why it remains relatively unknown, particularly in the UK where there do not seem to be any licensed practitioners.

I have, however, been contacted recently a gentleman whose wife travelled from the UK to undergo the treatment at the European Hospital in Rome under Dr Riccardo Barchetta. Dr Barchetta was recommended to her by Professor Marineo. The gentleman told me that “my wife had neuropathic pain for twelve years. She tried most analgesic medications and finally settled on occasional use of Lidocaine patches and just coping with the pain the rest of the time.”

Her treatment in Rome was very affordable (albeit excluding the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence!), with the first consultation costing €120 and thereafter €60 for each treatment. She was told that the maximum number of treatments is ten and treatment stops when it has been successful.

Her husband explained that she “had four treatments and is now 100% pain free. This usually lasts for 2 to 12 months, when a top-up can be given, usually no more than two sessions. The pain-free effect can then last indefinitely. For her to be pain-free is wonderful. We can’t quite believe it.”

Clearly, this account will be of huge interest to anybody in a similar position and I would be very interested to hear the experience of anybody else who has undergone this treatment.


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sorry, this is a very late reply - still researching calmare therapy - do you have any contact details for the gentleman you mention? if he is happy could you pass them on?

I have been using twitter to try and speak to people who have tried it successfully or not, still quite difficult to get many reports.

thank you


I live in the UK and am trying to find out more about Calmare Therapy. Please could you put me in touch with the gentleman whose wife had successful treatment in Rome? (Or indeed with his good lady!) It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.



I am still looking into it too - can we share findings? I did find one lady on Twitter who has had some success with Calmare.

Bananas5 did contact me about the person she mentioned in her post but I think there was crossed wires and she was talking about Cannabis oil not Calmare therapy.

thank you,



Hello Nicki

I’m in the process of finding out more about a clinic in Ireland (Kilkenny) that offers Calmare treatment. This is a link to a YouTube video of someone who had treatment back in 2011.

Happy to continue to report on my findings.



Thank you for sharing - if you use Twitter the lady I am following is Joyce@CRPSPositive

she has had to go back a number of times, so the treatment works but doesn't last, she tweets fairly often so you can see her honest comments on the procedure.

A lot of the videos on line only show the positive outcomes, I expect that they don't record the negative ones.

do they still do the treatment in Dublin? as Helen mentions in the video? easier to get to than Kilkenny. where are you based? I am on the South east coast

best wishes,


As far as I can tell, Dr Khan (who performs the Calmare Therapy) no longer has a clinic in Dublin, although three other clinics (as well as Kilkenny) are mentioned in his bio, but none of them are any more accessible, unfortunately! ypodoctors.com/profile/fahe...

His website is arthritisandpainclinic.com/ but interestingly the videos on his website for Calmare Therapy are of American practitioners - all freely available on YouTube anyway.

I rang the Kilkenny clinic a couple of weeks ago and spoke with his secretary. I was hoping to obtain statistical data for the success (or otherwise) of Calmare Therapy carried out by Dr Khan - but unfortunately no data was available - and his secretary was only able to offer vague reference to some success. I was informed that before I could even speak to Dr Khan I would need a referral, complete with full medical history from my consultant or local GP. I’m still thinking about it . . .

As you know, Italy and America have a good choice of clinics offering Calmare Therapy, but as would be expected with novel treatments, there are an awful lot of “success” videos out there - and at least the same number of skeptics! Fair enough, but my research leads me to conclude that if university hospitals (in Italy) are using it - and publishing very promising results - I’m willing to sit up and take notice!

Example paper - st-team.eu/user/image/chron...

In my research, one thing comes up repeatedly - that a good part of the success of the treatment is operator dependent. This is spoken about in the above paper and highlighted by the range of scores recorded in the participating centres - ranging from 97% down to only 50%. (Figures are for reduction of pain by at least 50%.)

So, I think I need to find out more about Mr Khan . . .

(I’m in Kent by the way.)


Thank you for sharing your info.

I have found similar to you - I haven't gone as far as ringing the clinic, but do think perhaps its a positive thing that a GP referral is asked for. Hopefully shows they screen referrals properly and not just offer it to anyone.

are you happy to share your condition (if diagnosed) on here? it mainly seems to be used by those with CRPS,

I think I still feel a little sceptical as I have been on this website and twitter for a long time and only come across one person who has actually used it.

good to share thoughts with someone, it gets a bit lonely doing it by yourself,



Just read the paper too - yes, it is encouraging and raises important findings about operator dependency. thank you very much for sharing..does give me some hope of a pain free future,




3 minutes ago

If your still interested I was in the original clinical trial at the mayo (induced by chemo). From 3200mg gabapentin to zero. This was 4 years ago. My feet we’re like they didn’t belong to me (dead of feelings). My hands were going and I had a cane. If you ever found it let me know, I know someone in the UK that could use it. It was a miracle for me.


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