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Scrambler therapy

Has anyone heard or tried Scrambler therapy, also known as Calmare therapy.

its available in America and some parts of Europe, but can't see it in the Uk. It is for neuropathic pain, and also CPRS, like most things new sounds amazing! non invasive and no side effects. uses electrodes to send painless electrical signals to the damaged nerves, and the nerves relayed those signals to the brain. aim is for the new signals to brake the pain cycle by retraining your brain

Love to hear from someone who has tried it

thank you..Nicki

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Thanks- have you a link?


I am posting a link below to a description from the Mayo clinic in America,

Let me know what you think, thank you,

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Thanks for the link- certainly seems to work for peripheral neuropathy. But has it been tried for Restless legs??

And now we come back to the ongoing discussion as to the difference between those two conditions. And I do think they are different.

I have absolutely no pain whatsoever with my restless legs. Full stop.

Many people come on here complaining of pain in their legs and other limbs and claim rls. I just wonder if that is a valid diagnosis.

Just wonder!

Thanks for the post.


Yes have heard of it but not anyone who has received treatment.

This may explain why UK doesn't have it plus bit more about one success. Needs a lot more trialing I would say.

s there any independent research?

There seems to be very little independent published research on the device. However, a review of preliminary studies of the device published in 2016 concluded that:

“The positive findings from preliminary studies with Scrambler Therapy support that this device provides benefit for patients with refractory pain syndromes. Larger, randomized studies are required to further evaluate the efficacy of this approach.”

Scrambler Therapy® is a licensed technology and that may explain why it remains relatively unknown, particularly in the UK where there do not seem to be any licensed practitioners.

I have, however, been contacted recently a gentleman whose wife travelled from the UK to undergo the treatment at the European Hospital in Rome under Dr Riccardo Barchetta. Dr Barchetta was recommended to her by Professor Marineo. The gentleman told me that “my wife had neuropathic pain for twelve years. She tried most analgesic medications and finally settled on occasional use of Lidocaine patches and just coping with the pain the rest of the time.”

Her treatment in Rome was very affordable (albeit excluding the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence!), with the first consultation costing €120 and thereafter €60 for each treatment. She was told that the maximum number of treatments is ten and treatment stops when it has been successful.

Her husband explained that she “had four treatments and is now 100% pain free. This usually lasts for 2 to 12 months, when a top-up can be given, usually no more than two sessions. The pain-free effect can then last indefinitely. For her to be pain-free is wonderful. We can’t quite believe it.”

Clearly, this account will be of huge interest to anybody in a similar position and I would be very interested to hear the experience of anybody else who has undergone this treatment.


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