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For four weeks now I've told my gp and a@e that I have severe persistent burning all over my body pins and needles electric shocks and crawling over my skin I'm screaming I'm in that much pain! They say it's "all mental" "not physical" "you're delusional" and because of this causing my behaviour to rapidly change and no meds ever given or refferal to anyone they say they're sending me prison?? What? They say it's mental and not physical? Can't sit still my 24 hour support say I'm loony and it's not real all in the mind? Can't afford go private I don't know what to do please help someone please x

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  • Pins and needles sensations can be caused by over the counter pain relief and prescription drugs And burning pain as well. I've had both. Scary with the pins and needles. Being all over body including head. What did I do? I came off all the pills. And the side effects stopped. I started again.. It's o long ago, it's hard to remember. I had swollen legs at the time as well and skin was ever so sensitive.. No help from as then GP..apparently there was nothing wrong with me.

    This all in the mind thing really annoys me. Change your GP . It's easier than you think. Just don't make a complaint as it can go against you.

  • i had that feeling of "ants crawling over my skin" which is when I was diagnsoed with finromyalgia

  • If it hasn't been tested already ask for vitamin B12 blood test.

  • Hi Olliebailey, think the advice given above makes sense and even if you have emotional stress due to the symptoms your GP should give you support to deal with it. I have been through that type of incidence myself and realize how you must feel, try to stay calm and be assertive with your surgery, but do try the suggestions given about stopping drugs incase they are causing your symptoms. You may just be sensitive to one particular drug and need to try something else. Have you tried talking to some one not from your GPS.? PALS for instance they can get things looked at, or contest the clinical diagnosis which will take a long drawn out process which will not help your illness. Complain to your surgery manager, but he or she cannot change your doctors diagnosis or challenge it. Try your own remedies for the pain, maybe none drug type while you try to get to the bottom of what is causing the pain. Only you can decide what is best for your health with help to do it from your medical care team.You have my best wishes for success to get things under control quickly, and don't be afraid to shed a tear when you feel really bad and in pain.xx

  • I would agree with the foregoing replies. It would seem that you have a bad lot surrounding you. What you do need to do is to get some positive support in your life. No one understands the pain and suffering that you are going through and it will take a great deal of resolve to explain and have them understand. First and foremost your G.P. should not be writing you off, rather he should be referring you to a Neurological Centre such as the Walton Centre in Liverpool, the best one to go to. Talking with PALS is an excellent move and they will provide help and assistance to get you to the right people. Stop taking all your drugs, prescribed or otherwise and see what happens. Cold Turkey if possible.

    Try some simple relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises and some simple exercises such as walking, stretching and flexibility. All of which will help you. Good luck and keep us all posted on your progress.

  • I agree with the other comments, someone needs to review your meds, all of them,and it may be helpful to look at what you are washing/showering in, the itch-scratch-itch syndrome is enough to drive you up-the-wall.Has anyone suggested antihistamines such as Piriton ? Piritese and other one a day antihistamines are less effective with skin allergens that are coming from within, do you have any pain in your upper stomach area ? Has anyone done any bloods on you, to see if you have liver or gall bladder problems? I would start with changing your G.P it's very easy to get labelled a time waster when it isn't them who are suffering. I wish you relief from your problems.

  • I've rang my gp he says it's mental nothing wrong with me and he won't refer me to anywhere else even if I change GPS! I spoke to mental health team they say use distraction I can't concentrate on anything and as I've been screaming and shouting as they say I'm a grown man and in mcapacity they're ringing the police! The psychs have stopped all my meds months ago and will not put me back on anything admit me or anything?? I don't know what to do x the GPS say that there is nothing wrong with me my hearts pounding 24/7 they say I'm doing it on purpose I can't take this. How can they send me to prison like this on this state! The police are saying it's delusional wtf? Can someone ring me or help me please! The gp won't even send me for any blood tests or refferals? We're the doctors you do as your told my head aches won't go away? The staff where I'm living say it's behavioural how would you like to be screamed and shouted at you've been assessed nothing wrong with you end of! Ill end it all then x

  • My numbers 07821586687 x

  • If you register with another GP at your surgery then that GP will be your GP . Ask to see the Practice manager and he or she will change you on to another at your practice. Don't be fobbed off with "you can see any of the Doctors here" no need to complain just say something like you don't feel you are getting the support you need or you haven't got confidence in him/her. Best to have an idea which Doctor at your surgery you would like to resister with. And if no one at that surgery try another. Been there done that 3 times. Easier than one thinks.

  • Can you think why you are being told that the police will be called ? You certainly can't be put in prison unless you do something that is against the law. I understand you are in real pain but has that pain made you do something you wouldn't normally do ?

    You talk about the staff where you live not being sympathetic at all. What kind of place is it ? Is there no one there who would listen ?

  • How they hell they going to put you in prison for complaining about pain? Your doctors are the ones with a mental problem. They don't know if you are in pain or not. They can be sued for misdiagnosed of your pain. Contact a lawyer and get a new doctor.

  • Because I'm in that much pain and it's caused me to be screaming and shouting and pacing 247 the police say its breach of the peace! My mental health team said its cause you're agitated end of no meds ever and my gp surgery all said the same thing and two others on the area! Pals said sorry we can't help I'm screwed! I had enough I'm on anorexic state and the staff where I live say if you're pacing pace in your room read a book go jogging in this state? I know I've developed brain spine and nervous pain but these doctors "know what they're doing?" This isn't normal! I should be sectioned and referred to a neurologist but oh no it's Oliver bailey "the delusional hypercondriac!" It's a utter disgrace! X

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