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Help please

Legs,feet,toes, fingers, all numb ??

Does anybody know what it could be I don't have diabetes but what I do have is DDD L5 no nerve is compromise so it's not sciatia had a mri scan done and the results came back as DDD L5 could it be nerve damage (neuropathy ) or myelopathy spinal cord damage) does anybody else have this my pain started with sore ribs but over time it's got chroinc

Any help please ?

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Hi, I too have numbness and pain in my feet and legs. I have had it over twenty years and it has gradually got worse. I no not have diabetes but was diagnosed, after many years, with stenosis of the spine which causes peripheral neuropathy. I was prescribed gabapentin but gained so much weight I changed to amitryptiline. I don't feel this has helped so I read that taking 600mg of alpha lipoic acid was helping many people so I am taking it now. Some days are better than others which surprises me as I would have thought nerve damage would be constant. Keep going to your doctor and neurologist until they can give you an answer. Good luck.


Thank you for the information


Neurologist needs to do some nerve conduction testing. Many things can cause many different types of neuropathy. Some neuropathic have treatments to correct and reverse it while others manage the symptoms. It's not always easy to detect. Symptoms such as prickling pins and needles go undetected by even the most advanced testing because the nerves are quite damaged.


Never knew anything about nerve damage until I looked into it it seems the trouble has just got worse over a period of time amitriptyline has been a god send the only drug that works so far



Definitely ask for a neurological referral


I will thanks it's really painful


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