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I have left buttock pain, feels like I have big lump, nothing there, the pain goes all down the left leg into my foot, and over to my right foot. It's also in my groin. It burns, tingles pins, and needles sensation, numb. It's so hard to explain, but it's ruining my life. MRI Normal. I know something is not right. Doctors doing nothing else. In in physical therapy twice a week. It helps but not enough. Please someone tell me what I can do for relief. I feel doctors think I'm crazy.

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  • I am not a doctor but sure sounds like a irritaded Ischias nerve....

  • Hello dsireanswers,

    Sounds incredibly similar to what I was going through for over two years. It may be a spinal nerve problem. Have there been any changes in your bladder or bowel movements - such as unexplained urgency? Does your leg fall asleep or go numb?

    I insisted on having an MRI which took another three months to come through. The MRI revealed that I had Lumbar Spinal Stenosis with severe nerve inpingement, and bone spurs. I am currently awaiting an operation.

    Would suggest you speak to your GP again and request an MRI - I sincerely hope it doesn't take as long to come through as mine did.

    All the very best.

  • Firstly have you got any amalgam filling. The are mostly mercury. If its any nerve pain you can take vitamin B12 1000ugs daily and B12 complex

    Warm regards

  • What is amalgam filling

  • It the silver filling in teeth and they are really mercury

  • Good advice from others - I've had similar - lumps in buttocks not huge or hard but feel like small lumps movable even thought myself what they warn us off - fat and could well be. Asked GP grunted not to worry need to lose a bit of weight. And gave me some Panadeine Forte 2005. Pain got worse lump remains same today. I found B12 helps with pain in feet and legs too.

    Burning pain in small hours drive one out of bed and also helping that as well as the B12 are blackberries, blueberries and strawberries for sweetness chopped frozen from Chile, so available in supermarket all year round, taken daily helps it stop at times or just kick in around 6am. Got cocky and left off the berries. Back it came heel burning started back worse and kicking as early as 1 am if had particular stressful day walking a lot. Never got rid of it entirely still got it as my fault forget to defrost the berries -now eat them at bedtime after defrosting in oven with heat left over from cooking etc. Or pain shocking on top of even nasty pain - lots of it about. But GP first thought is diabetes. Not in my case. And over time met other ladies similar age also got same thing and also pain hips knees legs told arthritis as if its just natural for over 50 upwards.

    I am waiting hip replacement as after years of pain in left leg swollen feet and calves pain in buttocks at times then right thumb, knees which is diagnosed as arthritis, had a fall July 2015 and ambo's took me to hospital not happy and GP panicked when next I saw him and said need to X-ray hip (asked also for left knee as painful too) and back came need hip replacement and also patella missing from left knee. Now knee is worse than hip. And right knee feeling left out has started to join in. Probably strain.As it takes weight more and more. Anyway waiting list here for hips knees - found out. So taken out BUPA cover and 1 yr wait for surgery. Told I can go see private surgeon this coming August so he can then fit me in his schedule etc after Sept. Be glad as getting worse and cant help thinking hope can hold out that long.

    Now as said, started off similar to what you are suffering. so as well as checking out those other suggestions, make sure you get an Xray of hip and knee left leg.

    Seems joint troubles can pinch nerves and burning pain and these show up all over legs and buttocks.

    From hip left mine started way back just similar to yours described today.

    Then it just gets worse, right side will start to join in as strain of left etc. So do try to do better than I who just let them tell me take Tramadol, then take Lyrica and so on, all with rotten side effects and told, its just arthritis.

    Ended up on Norspan patch 20mcg hourly and Codeine 30mg both plain and with paraceutimol. Clear mind - pain held down mainly but increasing for me as mobility has now lessened whilst waiting the 12 months for pre-existing as told likely my left leg having shortened by around 2-3 inches is top end bone where fits into hip breaking down fm being told what radiologist said on X Ray report to GP. Only got that to date. Not got real diagnosis to date. Just report and what a technician told me at the hospital viewing Xrays for any exercise sheets he could give me to try to sort out pain with exercise until such time as could see a surgeon and get on the list for an operation.

    Don't let them leave you just being fed pain meds as I was until I had that fall - coincidently I was putting on my knickers and leg gave way alone in the house a 6am and had to wait on floor til hubbie came home 1 hour later as couldn't get up knees useless knew it dreaded falling etc. No mobile phone anywhere close.

    Sort out all avenues suggested here, one by one, dont let them put you off as I did. Years and just got worse maybe always would but you can be warned now dont let them NOT find out what is wrong NOW - not years later and in pain all of them.

  • I take Citrate Magnesium 400mg daily by Solgar and vitamin B12 1000ugs by FSC. I follow Doctors research My advice is to Google update Magnersium

  • You say: "I have left buttock pain, feels like I have big lump, nothing there". Over contracted muscle will feel like a big lump. See a massage therapist for a second opinion. They may be able to help.

    Don't know what physical therapy you do so do not know if the therapy is the right one to tackle the hard lump of possibly over shortened muscle.

    All you can do is investigate and see if my suggestion is right or wrong.

  • Sounds like sciatic. I have same in left leg for several years, from bum down back leg to ankle and toes. It is aggravated if I sit too long when pressure is on back upper leg. First epidural shot of Steroids helped but repeat not so good. Went to another orthopedic. He said if it was a slip disk he could operate but it wasn't. Referred to another orthopedic, he could not help said return to your doctor and have him prescribe pain pill. So one Percocet morning and one evening gets me by. Right leg is great. Sorry.

  • I'm scared, don't want more pain meds

  • What pain meds are you on now, and what did you try and stopped taking, as we all seem to go through same one by one to see which does the job for our particular body needs etc. Side effects are not the same for all - no such thing as one size.

    Most GP's start you off on Panadeine Forte 30mg of codeine with 500mg of paracetamol. Thats is what I take along with a private script - of Codeine 30mg as it is without the dreaded but useless for strong pain paracetamol, which limits you to 8 a 24 hour day or 400-mg as 500 in each tab and more than that kills the liver over time.

    Along with Norspan patch which is Buprenorphine 7 day transdermal patch 20mcg per hour. Works for me.

    Never pain free though completely, dont reckon possible unless fuzzy mind due to stronger meds. Not for me rather bit of pain but clear head. Codeine does affect some more than others. Good if you can take it as does the job but leaves on clear thinking.

    Said already, I think tried heaps of others but all have side effects, which I didn't like so stopped taking them. Now not free of pain but its bearable and if shoots up, can take 1 x30mg plain Codeine one to add and help.

    Maybe you have already tried the Panadeine Forte. Then added others or in place off. And even seen a Pain specialist. Whom I haven't.

    Anyway dont be scared come here and tell us all about it. Helps I think knowing most here are suffering or have pain etc. Been there where you are. I've learned more off of others than off the GP's who are so busy all too often to stop and just chat to you. Case of next .......and they think info in the package or available on line or ask the chemist to print it out etc is enough.

  • For anything that could be related to nerve damage it is worth looking at a vitamin B12 deficiency, do you have any other symptoms from this list? . My father had this recently and after around three weeks of high dose supplementation of methyl B12 he can walk without stumbling and pain. His pins and needles and numbness have gone too. Even if you have high blood serum B12 its worth supplementing to see if it helps. Have a look at the pernicious anaemia forum, these guys need B12 to live and you will see a bunch of them have very similar symptoms to you. All the best.

  • No other symptoms

  • find a chiropractor that specializes in art (active release technology) that is they work on muscle and NERVES!!!!! look for one that has been practicing for some time as they get better as does any doctor with experience. mine is located in davenport ia and he is great has setteled down my pelvic pain by at least 60%!!

  • Your describing my pain but mine is in both legs. Mine is related to nerves being damaged in L4-L5 that is the route those nerves take. Have you had a nerve test to see if you have neuropathy as well? I had a spinal epidural done few months ago cause I have some bulging disc that was giving me issues. I've had several epidurals done before but not that low. I didn't go under I just took the local like always. He should of told me that I needed to go under due to it being L4-L5 that is where all the nerves end. Needless to say I cried an screamed from the pain. He couldn't get the needle through L5 so he pulled out the biggest needle he was legally allowed to used an he shoved it of hammered it through an when I say i was screaming they heard me clear out to the parking lot. ppl in there cars heard me.

    I started having this pain your describing immediately . I am unable to sit straight up i have to lean to the side in order to sit up. an when I sleep on my side.

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