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What to expect during Neurology appt

Hello everyone,

I've been given an appt for neurology dept in December after several months of neck and back pain with dizzy turns. All started when I turned neck to comb hair one day. Can anyone tell me what to expect during this first visit.

I think I've trapped something that's affecting blood to head . I'm really struggling with this.

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My initial appointment with neurologist was disappointing,this was due entirely to his lack of interpersonal skills.

I am sure you will be fine, just ensure you remember to mention everything you feel is relevannt/important.

Good Luck



Thanks Jim, I'm starting to think a lot of Dr's lack these skills after seeing 5 gps at my surgery with my symptoms and finally the last visit a locum raised paperwork for appt, which I booked online (choose &book). However the NHS web site for my options were last updated in 2010.

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Hi Sue

My first appointment at neurologist was also very disappointing.I was in his office for about 2 mins in that time he hit my leg with an instrument a couple of times then sent me for blood tests.I have pains in my foot and calfs.On my next appointment I was called in Sat down and told he had found the problem I had neuropathy and it was due to a deficiency of vitamin B 12 in my blood I now have top up injections every three months and have been prescribed every anti depression drug going now on Gabapentin and still got pains in foot and calf.You see the neurologist is the final word as far as my GP I'd concerned.l do really hope you have a better experience than I had

Very best wishes BobK


Not getting a good feeling about this appt. I live in hope it will start to get better on its own soon. I'm not normally a cry baby, but it's really getting me down. All I get is Naproxen or cocodimal at Dr's. Both are not nice.


Cannot comment on what to expect. You need to do your homework as what a neurologist is and what they do.

Neurologists diagnose, treat and manage disorders that affect the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (nerves and muscles which activate movement and transmit sensation to the brain from all parts of the body and hearing and vision from the ears and eyes).

Neurologists treat any disease of the body’s systems that affects neurological function. High blood pressure, for example, is a cardiac problem, but if it causes a stroke (a sudden loss of blood supply to the brain) the problem becomes a neurological one as well.

If the cause of your problem is muscular such as muscle over tightening causing pressure on nerve roots then a neurologist will not help. You may need the services of a chiropractor or Alexander Teacher.

Muscle control and posture problems fall outside the remit of a neurologist.

Hope this helps


Two osteopaths I've seen both with many years experience will not treat neck area as both explained the amount of blood vessels and nerves around spine. They say I'd need scan first to rule some things out,before any treatment.


Thanks for the reply.

I can understand the osteopaths reluctance. I have regular treatment from a McTimony chiropractor. The treatment I receive from a McTimony chiropractor is quite subtle and uses the sensitivity of their hands. This should be able to detect muscle spasm problems and treat that. osteopath use their hands very differently than a McTimony chiropractor.

It is also possible that your have a shoulder spasm problem rather than a neck problem. A shoulder spasm could pull the neck vertebrae out of alignment and cause the symptoms you have. If this is the case a neurologist will not be able to treat the problem.

You do need an MRI scan to check that there is nothing untoward present.

Hope this is able to give various options for investigation.


hi suebob59,I think getting your appointment with the neurologist will go to answering alot of your questions,however your GP will of probably done alot of the background work,and possibly your long term prognosis will be not to disheartening,you might have to go for a scan(not painful) and a non invasive physical exam,and possibly some blood tests and having to explain your symptoms to this professional,so try not to get to stressed go with the expectation of getting to finding out what's causing your pains,good luck


Hello CB1963

Thanks for the reply, more upbeat than others. I'm just getting so fed up explaining over and over to all the GPs and taking so much medication for so little relief. Anyway neurology appt is in December, that's not bad said GP. That's our NHS😕


I understand where your coming from with your frustration,and since I was given my diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy I at least found out what was giving me all my pains,but stressful events cause my symptoms to get more agitated,December is a long time to wait whilst your suffering,so try to avoid anything that could make you upset,whilst I had to wait for my neurologist appointment I was ticking the days off the calendar knowing each day was one nearer the appointment,go on a fact finding mission,get pain relief sorted,and that can be half the battle,but I expected a magic wand I was expecting a little more than I got,but I got a definition of my compliant and that's as far as my journey goes,so once again my fingers are crossed for a positive outcome 😊


Hi Cb,

It's good that you now have a name for your problem. However did you get to the root of what the cause of the neuropathy is and any relevant treatment ??

Best wishes Sue.


unfortunately I've burnt the candles at both ends in life,I ended up drinking to much and having witnessed two horrendous incidents I used drink to block out the past,so ultimately I've damaged my nerve endings,it's a a long term problem and I've tried different sorts of medicine and unfortunately nothing has really stopped the pain,it's one of the most painful conditions I can possibly describe,I believe I'm going to have this problem for the rest of my life,I've had this condition for over 4 years and having spoken with my GP and 1out of 10 people who have neuropathy will continue with this condition,so as we are all different and if you get a diagnosis of neuropathy it doesn't mean it's a lifetime condition for you,sometimes people can be to harsh on folk who drink,but I never wanted to drink the way I did,but I left my ptsd for over twenty years and unfortunately there's no magic cure or tablets for that part of my life,so I now no longer drink and really it's not well documented that alcohol that was the root problem,so to anyone who drinks excessively I seriously would tell them to cut down or stop,so I'm happy to tell my story if it stops one person from drinking.good luck in your quest for a answer to your problems,and will probably keep an eye out on the forum how your getting on,ttfn


Hi Cb, thanks for reply. It must be difficult to say what you did, I wish you all the best for the future. My dear dad suffered too with this from his type 2 diabetes and really struggled to get across how much pain he was in xx


Do ask for your vitamin B12 to be checked suebob59.


Hi suebob59

I'm same but appointment 28/11 and waited a bit for it and dreading yet another the explaining and trying to remember all I need to ask. Yep that's it all written down lol and take sis cause she is better explaining. Neck and shoulders pain is unbearable and effects every minute day and night.I've been using magnesium oil spray which is great for some help to ease pain even just a little.

Just had a change CTc


Oops that's the jerking hit submit Soz

Just changed meds so see what happens at appointment We just have to hope each one has answer to even one piece in this crazy puzzle for me the nippy fibroFiend..Good luck with your appointment X V X


Hello ronniec67,

Thanks for your reply, I hope all goes well at your consultation & you get some answers. I might give the magnesium oil a try, where do you buy it.

Big Hug (not too tight though)

Sue x


Get it from Holland and Barrett the original during day and the goodnight one yep you guessed at night 🤗.I use it on spine and knees neck and shoulders and I find it does help and my bottles are lasting so feel worth the money.They should have some deal on and do original in small so you could try it out first going to buy cream also and see what it's like .Hope if get it helps I will try to Rmbr to post a wee up date after my appointment.Good luck hope you get some answers Xx

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Good afternoon all,

I managed to get my appointment with neurologist today due to a cancellation.

He seemed very thorough and explained what he thought was going on. One being an inner ear problem BPPV causing the dizziness and the other probably my neck/spine. Now have to wait for appt for mri of neck and head to see if it picks up anything and then some therapy for BPPV afterwards. Now just waiting and hoping.


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