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Donna 19 feeling pain

Hi i am new to this site i had a collision at work 2 yrs ago and had bad neck ,shoulder ,spine ache and tingling and pain down my arm . Had loads of pain killers even morphine none has took it away . After 2 yrs of osteopath treatment im no better my life has completely changed i have no life most days as it flares up . Its been suggested i have crps after reading some comments it makes sense . How do i get a diagnoses and from where does any body know please ? Thank you

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Hello Donna 19

Welcome and you will get a lot of support from this forum.

However if you thin you may have CRPS it may help to have a look at their own forum. many experts there who will advise and support.

Good Luck

Pat x


Thank you for the reply i have been on there and it looks helpfull thats why it makes more sense than people thinking you are putting it on x


Hi Donna I wonder if it would help to ask your gp to refer you to a pain clinic as you need to get this sorted bless you. Were you able to get any redress through work, could they refer you to occupational health if they have one?

Jo x


think you need to ask for referral to orthopaedic consultant honey. Did you have any recourse through work as it was an injury at work?

jo x


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