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Disability for chr chronic pain?


In US. I use to make $85000 a year. Now I make less than 10k working at home. Disability office said chronic pain wasn't enough of a diagnosis bc test never showed the cause. Mayo said CFAP, which really just means 'we have no idea'. Progressively worse over 4 yrs until now I gave up my career, sleep 12-4 hrs a days in order to have a 'good' 8 hrs to be 'there' and 'present' for my husband and son in the evenings without having crying in pain. How do I get disability? To save my family financially without just finding a way for it to be over so they can collect my life insurances?

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It is different here in the UK. It natters less what your sickness or disability is and more how it affects your every day life.

On the care side it is how you can bathe, wash dress yourself. Take meds, cook and manage any therapies. There is a seperete allowance for heher you can walk or plan and follow a hourney.

I don't know how your are assessed and what your criterias are on your forms.

There is another allowance if you are chronically sick or disabled and can't work. The bar is set very high for that and again tou are assessed to set criteria.

Probably not a lot of help for you but if you can tell me what others can claim - I may be able to advice better.

Pat x

Dexter1 in reply to Bananas5

Payton's correct. Same in US. They are looking for your inability to do Activities of Daily Living as she described.

Redhots7 in reply to Dexter1

No, I disagree, in USA, they are looking at your ability to work at your profession then at any job . I live in USA and have personal friends/family on Disability .

LaraDawn in reply to Redhots7

So what if you can work at home and make say 20k a year but we're making 85k a yr at a full time job Before? Do they consider that?

Redhots7 in reply to LaraDawn

LaraDawn, yes, there is a cap on how much you make and you can google for the information or go to social security website for all your answers . If you can make $20,000 working from home , don't think you will qualify but check it out .

I've been dealing with pain issues among other issues for about 20 years and have been unable to get accurate diagnosis. Trust me I know your frustration! I finally had to stop working in 2012 and have had many of those same thoughts that you mentioned. I applied for disability with the help of a Legal Aide attorney, jumped through all their hoops and was denied. I appealed it, denied. Saw the judge and he was horrible! I finally received a 13 page letter from that same judge explaining why he thought I was a liar with HIS confused timeline information. I was so frustrated that I crumpled it up and threw it in the trash! 2 years of jumping through the their hoops just to receive such a degrading, humiliating letter full of misinformation at the same time assaulting my character. I wanted to eat a bullet. I definitely did not want to start that horrible process over again! However, about 1 1/2 years later I felt backed into a financial corner. I had to try again or that bullet was going to become lunch! I reapplied. This time using one of these "Disability Attorneys" that you see on TV. Went to his office and did the initial paperwork/filing. They actually did it all. But I learned the first go round to keep my own copies of all my medical records. this really helped a ton. I received one packet in the mail. Returned it (actually late). About 4 months after original filing I got an approval letter! I was shocked! I will get my first payment next week! I never paid the high priced attorney a dime and only spoke with him the one time. His payment will be coming out of the back payment that the government owes me.

Keep faith and don't give up! I know at times (most of the time for me) it's easy to think that "they'll be better off without me". But you're wrong. (And by the way, life insurance won't pay on suicide) file again and keep filing over and over until you get it. I was told that only like 23% are approved the first go round. Be persistent! Get a high profile attorney!

Invisible illness is the worse at times I think. Best of luck! I hope this helps!

Redhots7 in reply to SMcCabe

Thank you Smcabe for sharing your story with

LaraDawn !!!!! Exactly what she needed to know !

Find a disability advocate who you can pay a lump sum and they will help you jump through all the hoops. Mine was a paralegal who specialized in only this and she made it easy for me.

Dexter1 in reply to Dexter1

It all focuses on your wording. You have to focus on how your pain affects things like Paton mentioned.

Dexter1 in reply to Dexter1

Here's who I used in Nebraskadccomaha.com/Our-Team/Lori-...


Thank you for the replies. I guess I knew I'd have to go the lawyer route. Just have to work up to it since I know how hard it will be.

Thanks again.

Redhots7 in reply to LaraDawn

A lawyer will do all the work once they meet with you .

Bananas5 in reply to Redhots7

When dealing with DWP a Lawyer is not a lot of use. And expensive if they would even take on a case. They too know how DWP operate and I don't know any .

Most people couldn't afford one and with no legal aid any more it is an uphill battle.


Fleurtess in reply to Bananas5

Go to see the council FIAT team, they will help you get the allowances you are entitled to. They are very helpful. They helped me

Chronic pain and tiredness are both symptoms of Low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and B12 Deficiency or both together.

One in Ten women get Low thyroid.

I had the over tiredness and chronic pains.

Idea only:- Put your same question up on the 'Thyroid Uk' website here on Health Unlocked.

Getting disability in US usually takes an APPEAL and lots of medical documentation. There are attorneys that specialize in getting disability for people that have been denied . It DEFINATELY would be worth his/her fees to hire one to represent you . We are talking about a lifetime of Social Security Disability payments . I also live in USA ( Oklahoma), have seen ads on TV

for attorneys doing this very thing. Look up attorneys in yellow pages, should be able to find one . Don't get discouraged, it is a process but you will get thru it .

Hi LaraDawe I lost my Job too I was A chef for 23 yaers I was earning £16000 to £20000 a yaer . Kowe nothing this in last 4 yaers Hun so good your doing samthike . I have no job but last year I was working call Centre and had the job for 3 moths then got let bes of my pain in end X

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