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Fibromyalgia or polymyalgia

I have had some blood tests done all came back abnormal my mums has fibromyalgia which i have same symptons i have been telling my doctir for months i think its what i have as i have excactly same sysmptons the doctor rang me on friday and said it could be either fibromyalgia polymyalgia or grouts i have comapred the symptons of polymyalgia and fibromyalgia and all my symptons are more that of fibromyalgia can i claim disability or pip is it a disability .

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my side is hurting so bad that I cried a lot if anyone knows what's wrong with me let me know I need to know!!!!!!....


I would take a trip to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and have a chat with one of their advisors. You can also have a look at the DWP website to see the criteria for certain benefits. The main thing is to ensure that you get the right treatment for you. Good luck.

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I get a bit worried when youngish folk are getting diagnosed by GPs with polymyalgia as the diagnostic criteria say that it is very unlikely in anyone under 50. You also need to have an extremely high ESR (inflammatory marker blood test) to meet the criteria for polymyalgia rheumatica, whereas with fibro, it would be unlikely to have a raised ESR. If its your GP who is suggesting this, ask if you can be referred to a rheumatologist as they are the experts in this area.


I am already under a rheumatologist ,the polymyalgia rheumatic has been ruled out cos like you said unlikely under 50,s which I already knew.

I have been citizens advice few months ago and have been awarded p.i.p .

just waiting to be seen at pain clinic and the fibromyalgia clinic when ever that may be was reffered months ago now.


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