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The Wisdom of the potting shed

The Wisdom of the potting shed

In other words the crisis of self esteem.

I'm up to the elbows in compost repotting a geranium when I have one of my moments. It's a tired looking affair and I consider consigning it to the compost bin. The pot is far too big for it I concluded.

And suddenly I think that's exactly what's up with the flagging spirit. My life is too big for the body and I'm floundering in others expectations, work, and the mechanics of it all.

It simply can't be filled as it used to given nonstop pain, limited energy levels and I can't even see the list of to do jobbies through the fog.

Oh that it were as simple as down sizing to a smaller pot. What does that self help manual recommend. Something about pacing and acceptance. But not a jot about repotting. And now I have to cope knowing that I walk funny.

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What a wonderful analogy, I have often been in your position, so much to do but where do I start. I often think that someone within the NHS should tell you how much your life must change when they realise you are in constant pain. Nobody tells you that you can forget most of your previous hobbies or sports, nobody tells you well when you take a combination of these or those tablets you will suffer from this or that.

I have found that the longer I have this condition the less I get to do, I'll start a job get part way through and run out of energy, then it takes days & days and sometimes weeks to get enough energy to complete the task, providing you can remember what the job was in the first place!! I have so many unfinished little projects I can't even remember them all or where I got upto in most cases, but you have to laugh otherwise if I thought too hard I would just end up like a hermit and crying all the time.

You have inspired me to go out to my shed on this wonderfully sunny day and at least try and remember at least one of the many projects I have hidden away in there and try and finish one of them.

Hope you all have as pain free day as you can



Thanks for the reply. I simply can't remember when I have had even a cuppa worth if pain freeness.

Get to thy shed find the deckchair and sit awhile. Then if you haven't already got a bird feed hung from it. Consider the possibilities. There a job done. There is nothing like a blue tit hanging upside down to cheer you up.



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