Why can't I have pain free feet?!

Recovering from a bunion operation, so I can't get into my own shoes, so I'm wearing someone else's trainers, two sizes two big, due to swelling. Trouble is though, I have a two day conference to go to tomorrow, office wear expected, and although i will have a crutch, so I look like something's wrong, I'm embarrassed to be wearing trainers.

I don't want to be in pain, don't want to take two pairs of shoes as it ll be too heavy.

Should I put up with the pain? Or the embarrassment? I know I shouldn't be embarrassed, but I know I will be!

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  • Hi, well I can sympathise, I've asked for my feet to be amputated as I have bilateral chronic pain (both feet). For me comfort overrides embarrassment. But hey that's just me.

  • Yes me too really. I can't bear the pain. It makes me so irritable. My trouble is that it's a high powered conference with lots of connections so I want to look high powered and dedicated. My job keeps me distracted from the pain, and happier.

    But I know really that a pair of trainers instead of boots won't make much difference to anyone else, but a lot of difference to me!!

    Thank you for answering. I'm so sorry you are in such pain. Would amputation help, or just move the pain further up? Do you have crps?

  • I hate looking different or having to explain my pain too. But I have learnt that comfort is more important than my pride, so I will now ask to sit where I don't have to twist, and I don't care if I'm wandering round the office with a fluffy heatpack sticking out of my top. People get used to it. Wear your trainers if that helps. You have a perfectly acceptable reason for doing so, and most people will probably be sympathetic.

  • Thank you. I know you're right. I will. And enjoy it!

  • I think attending the conference so soon after an op is dedication in its self.

    In my experience, people are not so harsh on judgement of dress code these days. Most will not notice what you are wearing. Have you got some wide bottomed trousers that will part hide the trainers?

    You are not alone, Posh Spice, has been told to wear trainers instead of her higher than high heels, or suffer permanent and irreversable damage to her feet. You could make a joke of it, something like "trying the Posh look".

    Whatever you decide, the conference is the important bit, not what you wear.

  • hello all of you ,,,if you have the money,, have you heard of redox,,,its works for chronic pain,,

  • Hi Caesar. What is redox? I would love to be pain free.

  • hi pregi,,,how you doing ,,still having pain,,,

    did you see my facebook page?

  • hi pregi,,,how you doing ,,still having pain,,,

    did you see my facebook page?

  • Have you looked at black or dark trainers? They are out there and if worn with trousers, I can't see that anyone would notice.

  • Hello

    You need too ask yourself several questions.

    Does your boss know of your operation

    How essential is it that you go

    Do they realize that this is temporary

    Over the years my disability has caused many chin wags, you get used to it at least this is possibly only temporary, your colleges will get a healthy work mate in the future.

    Would they prefer that you did not go, are they so narrow minded, ASK.

    Your toe is not your brain do not act that it is.

    Buy a dark set of trainers, two sizes to big, a cheap pair, people are so shallow.

    You are at work and doing your job, your department is lucky that you are not laid up on the sick.

    Need I say anymore, I realize that many people think everyone should be a perfect clone, ask your boss, he will most probably be ok, you have temporary rights as a disabled person

    All the very best enjoy your meeting


  • hi pregi

    how are you doing,, still in pain?

  • hi pregi

    how are you doing,, still in pain?

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