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Tough cookie at the end of her tether!

Hi, I joined a few days ago after feeling so low and alone with all of this.

I am suffering from a very bad spell of pain, it's been 3 months now. I keep plodding on but am coming to a point where I want out.

I can't get a doctors appointment for 2 weeks.

My mood is so low I can barely do my job properly. I have no motivation and am very short tempered.

My normal self is tolerable and bubbly but it has completely changed who I am.

Does anyone have any coming strategies for pain and low mood?

I exercise loads and eat really well - I'm a dance teacher so am in good shape. I think this may be why GP isn't taking me seriously, saying I'm just not looking after myself.

Help me please! :(

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I to am going thru a very bad spell of came on with no warning.i have passed all my xrays and blood very healthy.but hay severe pain in lower left back.legs and searching for is very tuff.i read the bible.hope we get better


I've found this site very helpful. It's full of inspiring stories and helpful tips.

I'm new to all of this, I'm only just beginning to come to terms with what is happening to my body.

Personally, I've found that trying to keep busy helps, creating things and using painful times as some sort of artistic release.

Look at heat pads as this can ease them briefly, even for a while it's good to have a rest from the pain.

Keep strong x


Hello, "Tough Cookie" - I'm Wendy :-) Wow, what an unhelpful GP you have! Your mood sounds very low indeed and you have battled on with that pain too long, on your own and with no help. Are you under the care of a Pain Management Clinic? Might be time for a meds review. Can I ask, what sort of work do you do - and how many hours? Yes, you sound tough - like I was. I am just in the process now of admitting that I'm not so touch in the face of unrelenting pain. It's hard to do, but I have learned that no-one knows how you are feeling really - unless you're honest AND no-one is going to give you any gold stars for struggling along at your work. (Unless of course, you're self-employed, which is a different matter...) Best wishes, Wendy x

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Hi Wendy,

I'm not under a pain management clinic at the moment, that's what the next GP appointment was to try and get rolling. I'm on the standard paracetamol and ibuprofen cocktail.

I'm a dance teacher, I work 6 days a week anything from 4- 12 hours in a block. I'm self-employed / free lance so have a lot of people relying on me to turn up and teach due to how the industry works. If I call in sick I have to be able to find my own cover and pay them out of my own money or to cancel classes would mean giving student their money back out of my own pocket.

I'm normally quite a strong individual and my pain threshold is quite high (from what I can remember), but recently even if someone touches me and I'm not expecting it it is searing pain!

I'm spending a lot of my free time keeping busy to take my mind of this- making costumes and finding every piece of admin work under the sun to to- as I feel that is I stop I will just implode. I suppose the bright side of this is that at the moment my accounts are incredibly well organised!

I've been trying yoga and Alexander technique to bring some relaxation into my life but it just make me stop and think about it. I suppose I'm in denial about the whole situation.


Maybe take on less classes as this block finishes. Give yourself time out to rest and recharge. Note the difference in mobility, mood and functioning. That will give you a comparison to see what pay off you get for less working. You may find your mobility drops off and pain increases, or you may find that doing a bit less gives you the time to sort out your stress levels and pain levels and makes everyday life a whole lot easier. You then have something objective to stick I front of the GP at the following visit.

Good luck and I hope you are able to find a manageable balance.


Paracetamol and ibuprofen? Oh my goodness...I remember what life was like before the Pain Clinic advised proper medication for my CRPS. Thankfully, I didn't have to suffer for very long, but without meds, I was in bed, in the foetal position, unable to move - and the pain crashing over me again and again. I remember thinking, "This level of pain is incompatible with life..." I really hope that they get you sorted out soon. Make some noise about it. Tell them how awful it is x


Poor you! I am a dance teacher too and have chronic pain issues. Dancing helped me lift my spirit and kept the weight down a bit. I found pain killers always seemed to add weight somehow, so exercise certainly helped. However like you i found it is difficult to explain the level of pain when I am probably more active than most. Push hard to see a doctor... maybe see a different one if yours is never know, you may see one who is more sympathetic!

I found researching my problems helped so that i was able to use the right ways of describing my problems to my doctor. It is so hard explaining pain and by learning and listening I was able to express things much more clearly and gradually get the right sort of medication and treatment.

I am now awaiting an op. its been a long hard slog and i have felt very alone at times. pain can isolate you so easily... all i want to do after a class is hide away at home! So just try to keep positive, there is help out there but it seems that you have to find it yourself and be clear about your problems. i wish you well.. forums like this have helped me so much, even if at times its to know i am not on my own with all this pain.

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Sounds too simple, but Five Deep Breaths can't hurt and actually may take the edge off pain and anxiety. Then you can get grounded and begin to move through your day.

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