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Hi all I just want to thank every body that reply to the way I being treated at home I am still waiting for the ot team to get back in touch with me, things are worsening here some things I cannot tell u, some things I can like the other day I was at appointment at the hospital I was all day by the time I go home it was time to take my medication so when I went to get them she had moved all my Medes some were else by the time I found them I was in that much pain I was crying and I must have past out when I came round my son was standing over me

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  • Right young man this is totally unacceptable behaviour from anyone let alone your partner. In fact it is downright disgusting.

    Have you any number for emergensies? Social works? GP? Anyone?

    This can not go on. Can you ring the team now today and tell them exactly what youhave said here?


  • PS I haave messaged you if it helps?


  • Thanks pat waiting for ot to ring me back I can not go on for much longer they trying to find a place suitable for my needs

  • That could mean a long wait and all the while you are being subjected to abuse and humiliation.

    Not acceptable.

    Chase them and tell them the situation has worsened - and you are extremely fearful for your safety.


  • I have told them how bad it got I told them what she did the other day how she stamp on my hand now I find it hard to hold any thing I told my GP what had happened all he did was to send me for a x-Ray and give me some painkillers, I think she has started my crps off waiting to see pain specialist he will hit the roof if she as done that

  • Yogibe,

    I am so sorry to read your posts - this is not ok.

    Refuges UK offers support to men and women as well as providing somewhere safe to live.

    They are available 24hours a day on 0808 2000 247

    You are not alone, PM me anytime and I'll reply asap - I'm a counsellor.

    Please keep yourself safe, you have enough to deal with without living in this awful situation

    Thinking of you,


  • Well said all of you. Yogibe please get in touch with curlygirl for help a.s.a.p

  • Hi Yogibe,

    I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing? I'm about most of the time - night times as well 😁 so PM me if you'd like a chat.

    Take care of you,



  • Hi curlygirl54

    My partner found out that I was talking to Paton about the thinks that she was doing to me, I was watching the high lights off the football when she said I have made a milky coffee for me witch she never dose and she did not it ended in my lap then she phoned a ambulance and when they turned up she told then that I fallen asleep and they belived her and when I got to the hospital they told the doctor I am under the mental health I was sent home this morning the care is come this afternoon, I have been in touch with the ot team they cannot move me till next month and I have to right every think that happens

  • Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply Yogibe, I couldn't get the site to load for some reason 😁

    Sounds like you are having a really rough time - is there anything I can do to help? I am a counsellor and am very familiar with situations like yours ( sadly )

    Would it help just to talk to someone like me about it?

    Are there times when you are on your own and safe to talk?

    I'll just give you my email and mobile number, in case

    If I can't answer phone or email immediately, I will do it asap.

    Thinking of you,

    Be safe


  • Hi Shirley the care has been out she as put a lock were my Meds are so my partner cannot hide them from me the carer has left her number if I need her at any time that means from 8am to 6pm she comes in two hours in morning and one hour in evening at leased I will have soming nice to eat not cold or burned food I need to loose some weight

  • I am so pleased to see you have some proper care now - I have sent my contact details in a private message.

    Onwards and Upwards eh?!

    Keep in touch


  • Hi curlygirl54 been to see the pain specialist on Friday he as confirmed that I have crps he dose not no how long I will have the use off my hand, when I told him how it happened he went of his head and said if any thing happens again he will report her

  • Hi Yogibe

    I'm so so sorry to hear about the diagnosis, that's really painful.

    On a brighter note, despite what you feared it is clear that people are believing you and so you can keep yourself safe with their help from now on.

    I do so hope you get the move you want asap so you can turn all your focus on getting as pain free as is possible for any of us broken folk to get 😁

    Thinking of you and hoping you are having a peaceful night

    Keep in touch



  • Thanks Shirley I am worried if my hand go's now my quality of life has gone I will no longer be able to drive I will have to relive on other people and I do not need that I would rather end my life

  • You will find the strength to meet new challenges when you are out of there and in a safe place.


  • Hi curlygirl54

    I'm so bored with everything I feel so alone, I been to se the pain specialist he has told me that I have crps in the hand she stamp on he dose not no how long I will have the use off so when I told him what she did he went off his head and he told if she dose any thing like that again he will report her, I'm just in one of them moods were I don't care what happens to me. I got no friends I'm thinking of just staying here and what ever she dose to me she dose

  • Hi Yogibe, I'm so so sorry to hear what you've been through. I have had struggles with my family, nothing as bad as you but please believe me you do have friends and we on here are all here for you and are you friends. I have already found huge support on here in such a short time. Your life is worth so much and you are not alone, we are all there with you in spirit and I'm am sure that once you are in a safe environment like curlygirl54 and paton have said things will look brighter. I'm so sorry for how you're feeling and what you're going through. Lots of love and sending you e-hugs, Charlotte xx

  • Hi Yogibe,

    It's really tough I know but you do have friends, there are many people on here who really care about you and are willing to support you - even from afar.

    Please don't even think about staying in that situation - why would you allow her to treat you the way she had. You are having more and more people knowing about the behaviour and ready to deal with her and protect you.

    If she feels you are weakening that will tighten her grip again. Stick with your plans to get out - then all your energy and focus can go on making life as comfortable for yourself as possible.

    The psychological stress of what you have been living in is undoubtedly worsening your pain and why should you or would you tolerate that?? You are worth far more than that.

    Take heart, it WILL get better when you can get out and see the wood for the trees. Her behaviour has worn you down, make it stop NOW.

    There are lots of us here with our hands held out to you, all you need to do is take the hands.

    Hoping you have a peaceful night.


  • Hi Shirley I dont Sleep much these days all ways watching what she is up to, did I tell u that when I was young my father use to take is belt and beat me across my back and some times stand me out side in the freezing cold just in pjs and slippers and some time all night. So my farther my ex wife and my partner I must have been born a punch bag for them all

  • Then it's defihitely time to start

    Stop that cycle of abuse - this is not ok for you and you do not have to take it


  • Thanks Shirley u right I need to start a fresh just hope the OT team come up with a good place for me to go

  • Hi Shirley on phone all day yesterday to my OT the place she was going to move me into after the bank holiday has been given to some one else the people who run the place have said that the person who has. It was a emergency so my OT told them that I was a emergency case so I don't no how long I have to wait for them to find me some were else, I should have know it was to good to be true

  • Hold tight Peter, those places move around all the time. It sounds to me like you are uppermost in a lot of professionals minds and they need to get you out to safety.

    Please try and be calm, that will support your pain - you are so nearly there

    Thinking of you,



  • Hi Shirley had a chat with my carer she told me it could be months before a place comes up, I think she knows what is going on because I heard her on the phone last night saying that I have lost a place that my OT had found for me I don't no who she was talking to I will just have to wait to see what happens next

  • Good to hear carer has started. Made me smile - she will have you a diet!!!

    Pat x

  • Echo Curlygirl's words.

    We are all behind you and OT knows only too well how things are for you. She will get you the place you need and will be worth the extra short wait.

    Pat x

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