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I'll be having a consultation with the pain medication nurse next week. Advice sought from you experts.

I want to have an armoury so to speak of medication I can use according to my level of pain. At the moment I've got paracetamol for the easy times. And then Tramadol. Nought else. I want to ask for something in between the paracetamol and the Tramadol. What should I suggest ? And for the rare times ( lucky me) when Tramadol doesn't do the job . What then ?

I don't have a great feeling about the lady as it is but she is the only one. She wants me on anti depressants despite my insistence that I cry because my life feels shit sometimes, not because I'm depressed.

My chiropractor suggested that I have suggestions for what I would like rather than as usual getting g fobbed off with what she thinks I'd right. She has never met me .


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  • Sort of 'pik n mix'?



  • What are asking for is an analgesic ladder. You move up and down according to the pain relief you need (just remember it is as important to move down as to move up).

  • I like that concept of a ladder suebooo. My tendency is always to move down and indeed step off if I can. Thanks

  • Just a thought she might be suggesting antidepressants because some of them do often help with pain. They are often given at a much lower dose than when they are prescribed for depression.x

  • David takes Amitryptiline in a low dose as muscle relaxant thus helping his pain.

    Not sure how high up the ladder Tramadol comes but what about cocodamol? Always a good favourite but obviously can't be taken with paracetamol.

    Have faith Dee in this nurse. She may be better than you think. They are certainly very knowledgeable, She might even suggest acupuncture or some alternative to meds.

    Pat x

  • My doctor gave me codeine for when the pain was milder, also I was given antidepressants to help me sleep rather than being told I was depressed maybe that's what your nurse was thinking. x

  • hey there, I must say my pain nurse rocks she was so lovely and extremely knowledgeable. I take co-codamol 30mg/500mg for mid pain days, I also got prescribed naproxen for the swelling (but must be taken with something to protect your stomach) and diazepam for muscle spasms - try not to take them unless I really need it. anti depressants have been shown to help with chronic pain and can be very useful in aiding sleep. I too get those days when I just sit and cry in despair at the pain levels and even if the people in your life are understanding it is so hard to explain to them just what the pain makes you feel like. Good luck I hope your appointment goes well and you have some better days ahead. x

  • Thanks for the advice everyone. Co codamol seems to be up there as a middle ground. For some reason my doctor didn't want me to take it !

  • I was prescribed Dosolupine, it is an anti-depressant, and like you I was adamant I was not depressed, my life sucked because of the pain, I had gone from an incredibly active and fit person to a couch potato, that's what it felt like. I can't take Amitrylptaline because of cardiac side effects, but my pain consultant, (wonderful, marvelous woman) suggested the Dosolupine as it is the same family and has fewer side effects, and best of all, it helped me sleep,having a reasonable nights sleep means everything when you are in pain. I did wonder if it was actually having any effect until I came off it,then I knew, it really did help, it also removed the problem for me of not being tolerant of Morphine, Oromorph, Tramadol,and gave me some middle ground. I hope you get some relief from your pain.

  • Thanks. Night times are OK for me as my spine isn't moving too much so less pain. Its hellish going from fit and active to very limited in what can been done. But I'm trying to look at what I can do rather that what I can't. Pretty hard at times but it stops the constant feeling of ' if only' that is incredibly demoralising.

  • It is, I swim, use to do 1 mile a week, but now back to 0 as I wait for latest round of spinal surgery to settle down, but you are right, I will try almost anything to keep active. It doesn't matter how long it takes I will be that mad active woman again, my husband actually misses her !

  • I find Co codamol in the middle level of such pain killers, you should try it.

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