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I hate the joints changing round in position

Feeling weary, my legs have been turning round since 1980, it is slow but evident. Knees face inwards and feet outwards. Now I have found today and proven, that the elbows are doing likewise. Writing neatly is now more difficult. It is horrid and my elbows are very sore like my knees are. I cannot sit or stand without pains. The ligaments do not like it. My spine is also crooked, and scoliosis is also a problem though not too bad but it is twisting. Told by Consultant it is useless to give me new knees as the movement would continue and the op would only give me a few months without pains. Anyone else suffer. I would love to talk with anyone who can offer a solution. I cannot take painkillers cos of allergies. Teach Tai chi and try and keep as active as possible.

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I don't know how I am reading your post as I am with the Lung Association, but I feel so badly for, going through all the changes in your skeleton. Wish I knew what to tell you, but I don't. Arthritis made me stop Tai Chi about 2 years ago, I could not physically get to the classes, but I LOVED it.

Such a " clean " thing, so spiritual, so healing for me, and , of course, the Chi breathing was so cleansing too, I wish, with COPD, that I could rememember how to do it.

All I can do for you is to sympathise with your pain and disappointments and to wish , maybe, new help for your condition, loving thoughts,Polly.


Thank you Polly I sent it to all who subscribe to the site. Hoping someone might help me. I am fed up and I do believe many of us have the same illness called Frustration.


I understand your pain and frustration. I have ehlers danlos- hypermobility so my ligaments are too lax causing pain and injuries. My feet have completely lost their holding-togetherness so are very very painful. I've gone from braces to crutches to wheelchair and to be honest the only thing that helps is to not stand or walk. Hence the wheelchair. Would that be an option for you, even temporarily while you look into other options? I've found a new freedom with the wheelchair after becoming more and more limited.


I can agree on that. I am going to see the GP a different one cos most of them don't even bother to see my feet. I have got hospital shoes but the foot is so poor now that it means walking on my little toe. You get 10 minutes and have to see him about reinstating my coeliac foods they cancelled last year. Said I wasn't tested but the dietician said I have to have back. Had them for over 20 years. I have to take Creon to digest any foods. I am sure that is half my trouble because I digest very little fat even with the Creon. [enzymes] I used to do a lot of Scottish dancing etc and play organ etc now can barely play my harp, flute or clarinet, organ is out cos of my fingers and hearing of low notes disappeared. I hate getting old though my brain is content. I am 73 in two weeks


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