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Left Kidney pressure/pain and lump over rib

Hi, I have suffered from my Left Kidney being quite painful at least once a week for up to 24 hours at a time, this is accompanied with a lump over the ribs which also becomes sore to the touch and very painful if pressed. When the Kidney is fine the lump is still there but not painful unless really pressed. My useless Doctor will send me off for a kidney function blood test when I see them, and says the lump is a fatty cyst, and nothing to worry about, even though it has never been felt by the Doctors! Each time I get this pain it has gone by the time I get an appointment to see a Doctor.

Anybody got a clue what could be wrong? The Internet comes up with kidney infection UTI and kidney stones, I do not think it is any of these, but then I am no Doctor!

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Hi Jointpain,

Sorry for your discomfort.

Is it possible to make arrangements with your doctor to get in to see him/her immediately when this resurfaces? If not, does your doctor have a suggestion as to whom you can see without delay? Do you have other options for being evaluated, in person, by licensed physician(s)?

It's very important medical professionals evaluate your condition.

I hope this will come about for you. Soon.



Without making any delay just arrange a visit with a professional doctor who can recommend you the solution of your kidney pain as soon as possible, otherwise it may effect the other parts of your body too.


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