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Radiofrequency denervation for the relief of chronic nerve pain

Hi I have got a nerve pain in my left leg (calf) I have suffered for many years consultants all say an unexplained nerve pain, just take pain killers and rub on creams which have no effect , I have thrown money at this without success , I have had 3 R/F procedures first one gave me relief for 9 months, second did not work no relief at all. the third one I had 2 months ago pain free for 5 weeks only, any advise would be very welcome

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Hi -what's 3RF.


Hi Google radio frequency nerve abulation, it will explain all


Hi there

I had R/F 2 years running on l5/S1 back pain. Like you the first worked for 9 months and the 2nd only caused more pain with no relief at all. Had to have a steroid injection to settle things down! Now they are trying to talk me into it again and i'm scared stiff. I can't directly help but i've had a similar experience and don't know what to do myself


Hi nicibadback, I can relate to how you feel poor you, I have got to keep trying again to see if they can hit the right spot what choice do we have ? will keep you posted, thank you for your reply. Good Luck


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