I had PIP reassessment this week I submitted application in September last year and was told after assessment would be another 8-12 weeks before I heard. So whole process will take some 6months! The assessment interview was shorter this time but the guy was a young physio and he really hurt me! He obviously was not aware of the issues my back causes despite having MRI scan results etc etc. it's started a bad flare up and back has gone into spasm not happy!

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  • You need to make sure your G.P knows what has happened, how on earth is a physio qualified to do a PIP assessment ? He is not a DR or a Diagnostician, the Government are getting so desperate to catch up with this stupid program they will use anyone they can find to justify it. A physio is not qualified to read an MRI scan either, it's outrageous.I hope you get good resolution,I haven' had my assessment yet, we are 2 years behind in Hampshire, but secretly dreading it. If a completely un-qualified person can make a decision on your health and mental state, maybe we should set ourselves up as experts. Bit like an obstetrician doing brain surgery !

  • They are using ambulance drivers to do pip assessments

  • WTF ! Well I'm sorry, but that is not acceptable, I wonder what your rights are as to who assess you? Even your G.P has to inform you if he has a trainee G.P with him, and needs your consent for them to touch/talk to you. It isn't getting any better with the telling. As lovely as all ambulance/EMT's are how the hell are they qualified to read an MRI ? I have been a nurse all my adult life, and even I wouldn't presume to know how too. I have got to research this further. If I turn up anything helpful I will post it.

  • I agree with you totally and like you I worked for the NHS and the last 16 years doing solid nights 78 hours most weeks.

    I know someone who works for DWP who before Atos did all the assessments with the help of GP's during the last few years the government found about 1% of claimants were fit for work so took on Atos to fish them out gave them a contract till 2015 { 7 or 8 years } and the contract was worth £500,0000 or there about they clearly did not think that one through I'm sure the 1% was less than the contract was worth. Many people have died because of this company who did what ever they could to get people off the sick and only recently a diabetic was sanctioned and did not have enough money to keep the electric on so he could keep his insulin in a fridge he was found dead and his post-mortem revealed he had no food in his stomach.

  • Trouble is you are an easy target as it's so common from everyone (except other sufferers) that back problems mean your a scrounger, or a liar or a malingerer, I know from a long long battle with my own back and peoples attitudes if you claim it's a disability, but I know there are people in the dept who know , so as long as you know, the problem is it's a point of view about levels of disability, I'm the same as you and I know that there is a gang who say one thing and one thing only, and that is you are a liar etc,ect, so please do not worry it's out of your hands, and nobody can know but you, but a bit of advice about pain, please try and move as much as possible as the pain does shift with movement sometimes, best of luck best Alex

  • Thank you for your reply. I agree with what you've said, fortunately the MRI shows what is clearly wrong, so it is physical. I saw the specialist again last week and I'm having further tests before considering surgery. Unfortunately the accident I had (riding a cycle and hit from behind by car at nearly 40mph) has caused more trauma than at first thought to the spine, so I'm affected in three areas, lumbar, thoracic and neck. Would love to exercise more, do try to keep going, but pain is bad, back goes into spasm then legs pack up. Swimming also an issues at the moment (I swam at national level) as left arm/shoulder damaged and I need further surgery to sort out. Both my knees have also been replaced, one as a direct result of the accident, the other damaged in the accident and despite best efforts osteo arthritis has advanced quicker than normal. So things aren't straight forward. I've gone from being a relatively fit and healthy prison, that walked, swam and cycled to one that can barely get around and am in constant pain x

  • I spoke to DWP today and they have noted my concerns on my file plus what has happened. All they could do was give me a tele number for Atos to get a complaints form. I doubt Atos will be bothered given the ending of their contract.

  • How wonderful to have a million pound plus contract, cause chaos, farm it out to anyone they fancy, then calmly walk away with their money and accept no responsibility. Why aren't the Government accountable for the lives they have destroyed?

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