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Right Rib pain

Hi there I had experienced pain in my rib on the right side intermittently over the past 7 odd years.

On many occasions where for whatever reason when I have tensed the upper abdomen region, something has popped out. There has been a visable lump many times when has this has occured. This is usually quiet painful until this lump subsides.

It has occured less over the past couple years as I no to avoid tensing that region. However I have found over the past 3-4 months that it aches when in sitting positions, at work or driving etc.

I have felt like at times it's a cracked rib but I no it's not and have never suffered any injury to area.

I have also thought muscle hernia, really not sure though.

Any ideas and has anyone experienced symptoms similar to these.

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Hi Ell.

I have had something very similar for the past 18 (or so) years, since my early teens.

I have been to a few Dr's , had xrays and an MRI. They have all said the same. Its the muscles in between the ribs going in to spasm, like cramp in your leg. Every one gets it from time to time but some get it worse then others.

Now I make sure I have a lot of potassium rich foods as that helps to stop muscle spasm.

Unfortunately there is no medical cure but I hope this helps.

If you haven't I would say you should seek advice from your doctor.

Best of luck.



Have to say, sounds similiar to the type of pain, I have in my upper chest,

More so on the right hand side, and very tender to the touch, on my sturnam .

I was diagnosed with Costocondritus, a while back, and ended up having steroid injections, which were horrendous to have, and really only lasted up to 6 months.

I was not willing to go back and have more, it's too painful.

I recently have been prescribed pain patches, a modified version of morphine.

Which you renew every 3 days.. So far I feel less pain each day,, and certainly sleep better.

Just sharing my experience, maybe it will help,,

Best to see a pain management consultant..


That's where my pain started in my left side ribs then moved to my lower back left side total numb in leg had Physio said it was si joint muscles had mri now it's DDD L5 I had the same pain back in 2010 my wife rushed me too A&E thought I was having a heart attack it was that painful


I have in my upper chest,I feel its symptoms from the shoulder to the hand, actually 3 months before, I met an accident I think so it is the pain of accident.


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