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Abdominal pain


Has anyone had the depo shot the have really bad abdominal pain? I'm having abdominal pain on my left side and on my pelvic area it feels like irregular contractions and my lower back hurts feels like needles. I went to my on and the Dr told me it's just because I'm gaining to much weight witch if understand that for my back but I really just want this pain to go away. I started to think maybe I could be pregnant but haven't got the courage to test I'm off the depo now I just want answers

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hi Monica, I haven't had those shots, did your consultant organise them?

I'm just thinking that it might be worth contacting the consultant or the clinic where you had them. otherwise, Is there another gp in the practice you could see?

let us know how you get on.



My ob organized them I went to see him and he said I was fat and needed to lose weight

did he expect the pain to go away once he said it?

I'd suggest you see your gp.

I'm trying to find one hardly anyone here is excepting new patients

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