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Ultrasound Therapy for Scar Tissue

Hi, Not sure if I have asked this before, but has anyone had this to see if it helps with the effects of scar tissue? I have constant buzzing in my body which may have been caused by scar tissue on my neck. it's an annoying sensation and seems to be getting worse but doubt anything can be done.

Just wondering if anyone has had ultrasound for this?


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I have had a bunch of different treatments to reduce scaring. Different treatments for different causes of scars. Creams and potions, pressure dressings. Radio therapy I remember on cut scars. I vaguely remember having ultras too. Ultrasound therapy on scar tissue from incisions, I didn't have many sessions and it was not very successful. Regard Rib


I suffered for donkey's years with 'golfer's elbow. Very painful and in the old days had injections which helped. 4 years ago I had physio to sort out the scaring tissue and it worked. 3 sessions and not a twinge since. Brilliant.

Try it and Good Luck.

Pat x


I had ultrasound on my wrist scars from surgery. Didn't make any difference. But then nothing seems to.


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