to much meds

Hi all, been to see my pain consultant again he put me on more meds plus the other meds I am taking which are 30mg of oxycodone twice a day 900mgs pregabalin 300mg morning 600mgs at night, 150mg amitriptyline at night, 20mgs baclofen twice a day,

Oral morphine solution 10-20mg four hourly, capsaicin cream 0.075%, lidocaine patches 5%, now he has put me on clonidine 200 micrograms twice daily also tizanidine 12mg per day. As any body been on any off them, he is also looking in to botulinum toxin a therapy and very possibly, capsaicin patch 8% therapy.

I have just got to the point that I don't want to go on any more because CRPS is getting really bad in my right arm the elbow sticking out and it's hard to move it,

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  • Botox is great I use to get it for my cerebral Palsy to relax my muscles it was really good!

  • Hi rcwallace21

    It's to look if it could help me with my stump pain because I had my left arm amputated, I hope it keeps working for you

  • That is an awful lot of medicine!

  • Hi calceolaria

    I am also a diabetic and I take 80mgs gliciazide two tablets twice a day, 2.5mg saxagliptin once a day, 2mg bydureon injection once a week, 30 units/ml insulin once every day, so that's why I feel the way I do I don't go out much any more

  • Wow, that's some list! Do you see a specialist in CRPS or a general pain clinic Dr. There is a specialist CRPS service in It may be worth trying to see, or have a one off consultation with them, the wonderful Consultant there is a lecturer in the condition and a Professor in his field, this is a dedicated centre for CRPS. One way or another they could review your case, even as a private patient the fee wouldn't be too bad,and if they could help you just a little bit, it could give you some hope.I'm lucky the Dr I saw had the condition himself mid-training and nobody can get close to how awful it is unless they have had it.

  • Hi thiskittybites

    Yes I see the specialist at the Walton centre i see him every three months, he was against me having my arm amputated. If it was not for my pain specialist I would have cut it off my self I still have CRPS in my stump but not as bad but I have now got it in my right arm and hand the doctors don't know how long I have got with the use off my arm they have told me no more surgery so when it go's that's when I end my life.

  • Oh Yogibe, what a terrible position to be in,I feel for you, this is such a dreadful,dreadful condition,which most people have not heard off, I haven't got the condition very severely in comparison to some,and I have had periods of remission,but I have met others who are literally at their wits end.The Walton centre is world renowned for it's expertise,if they can't help you,that is it I guess,I won't give you any platitudes about ending your own life,it is yours to do as you wish with,the suffering this condition causes is enough to just want it to get some peace,I wish you some resolution.

  • Hi thiskittybites

    Thank u, had a phone call today from my pain doctor he told that he is looking into Botox injection he thinks that will help with the stump pain.

    Dr goble from the Walton centre has a drug that can help with the CRPS, how it works is a injection once every four weeks but the nhs won't pay for it so I am hoping this Botox will help with some off the pain, I hope u get all the help u can and wish u all the best in life and once again thank u for taking time to replying to me

  • God I thought I was the only person who takes as much medication mine is my left arm and hand ive also have severe pain in my lower spine arthritis in my knees and toes mental health problems just had opp on my right eye to remove skin cancer in which I had to remove lower lid and had skin graph I hope you find comfort that you not alone lol xxx

  • Hi pollyweb

    Sorry it sounds like u have more to worry about than what happening in my life I hope every think is ok now with u skin cancer, it's nice to talk to some one else who understands what we have to put up with every day

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