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Advice on pain meds. Hi all. I am still plodding on with my 2xparacetamol 500mg + 1x60mg codeine. Three to four times daily. Amytriptyline


10mg at night. Every day I am in such pain that I really wish I had a painkiller that was stronger than the above but which I only need to take maybe once a day. I prefer to go to my GP with a bit of research behind me. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

My GP is not happy with me going on to stronger meds as he says I am going to need them more when the pain is worse. I said at the time that I feel I have reached the high pain bracket! He insists it is going to get worse, heaven help me!!!

I have spondlythesis and severe arthritis in the spine as well as disc bulge. Specialist has told me he wont operate as it is too risky and outcome not guaranteed.

Thanks for listening once again and have a good day. Ann

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Ask your gp to refer you to pain clinic, and I have asked mine to refer me to a specialist within my condition which was out of the county. It helped me as they were

completely aware of how it affects me daily in every way. So even though I do not know much about your conditions I would recommend finding a doctor that researches or deals with your condition more ideally that is from or linked to a pain clinic.

Hope this helps

Trish :)

I agree with trish, a pain clinic would be more equipped to deal with you pain. They dont just offer painkillers, they help in other ways also such as physio, tens, cortosone, acupuncture etc if needed. Although they did not help me much they certainly tried everything imaginable and it was myself that prevented the go ahead of the pain class themselves due to work commitments. It is unfair that your doctor is not allowing you higher meds in the mean time though if the ones your on are not working well. Good luck. I hope you manage to find something that helps. We are all here for you.

My consultant as said i can increase my amytriptyline to 20mg when i am having more pain so maybe that would help you of course you would have to check with your gp.

I too have disc bulge for which i am now down to have epidural and steroid injection.

As well as my amytriptyline i take 15/500 co codamal when pain is bad or 8/500 when less painful not many days where i can survive without something even if its just paracetamal

hope you soon get some relief

Thanks for your advice everyone. I shall be going to a pain clinic at Solihull Hospital next month so look forward to that. Ann

Ann you should see a pain specialist. It makes a world of difference. Best of luck sweetheart!!!! xxxx Mitzi

Hi...ask your Dr for Dyhydracodiene (DF118) they are the next strongest to morphine, but be careful what you wish for. I find they work pretty well for me, but when i had a bypass, because i was used to them i had to suffer a bit more than the other patients, they only give you morphine for first 48hrs then its DF118's. You shouldn't have to suffer because of your Dr's ideals or you could always change Dr's..........take care

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