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Has anyone else found that they don't dream (when lucky enough to sleep) on meds such as pregabalin & nortriptyline?

I used to have frequent and extremely vivid dreams but realised while taking Champix (common side effect: extremely vivid dreams) that I'd rarely dreamt in the three years I've been on these meds (amongst others). I realise my overall lack and poor quality of rest must reduce REM sleep but think these meds may also contribute.

I know it sounds like a small thing to worry about against the vicious circle of constant pain and low mood but I wonder whether rarely dreaming may be yet another negative impact on my mental health.

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I have been taking synthetic opiates now for approx. 20 years and for quite some time now I have realised that I no longer dream .or am able to recall any dreams.It seems that I just drop off then,on wakening, until I have my hot shower ,nothing.I do agree it is yet another flatness that seems to be in your life whereas before quite a number of little things like that all combined for a fuller experience.I am however at least grateful for the fact that I can sleep as I know it is a huge issue for many people.Tiredness is always something to be overcome or to be tolerated somehow.



I haven't taken Champix but my medication cocktail does include Pregabalin. I have found the opposite to yourself in that I experience very vivid dreams/nightmares. Becuase of this I find that I don't want to sleep, most nights I'll get 2-3 hours of very broken sleep. I was on amitripityline for a few months last year. I stopped the vivid images and helped me sleep, it just stopped me doing anything else so they stopped that.

The human body is designed to have sleep and to go through all the different stages of sleep so that it can function to the best abilities. I'd guess that the less sleep the larger impact it has on the individual. HOW it impacts the individual is subjective but I think it's a fair assumption that changes to physical and/or mental state would be there.


Its strange i used to hallucinate (quite enjoyed it some times) but as my sleep patterns have got worse and i sleep sitting up i rarely dream...Mmmm needs an expert to figure it out.........take care


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