Has anyone found pain meds that actually work and still let you function?

I have tried so many and they either don't work or have such bad side effects that I can't function (dizzy ness, sickness, incredibly dry mouth etc). Thanks for any insight into something that helps! I know we are all different but I'd like to learn from others, someone must've found something that works for them?

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  • Hello rowantree, have heard of many things that are not kosher!! never tried them myself however, a couple of glasses of red wine works for me! Have had a serious back problem for 41 years, nothing helps like wine (for me) am not suggesting for one second you drink wine, am saying it helps me. Sorry you are struggling, trial and error helped me, tried so many pain killers/treatment of all kinds/ops/jabs/medication/hydrotherapy/plaster cast/traction/acupuncture/operation etc. Am never, ever free of pain but sometimes I have a couple of hours when it's bearable.

    Wishing you well, It's a hard road.


  • Hi rowantree,

    I have managed to build up a tolerance to my gabapentin I have been taking. I had quite a few side effects at first but they settled down over time, some sooner than others. I would say some side effects won't go but the severity of them will reduce. I don't if your doctor has explained much to you or what exactly your pain issue is. Mine is neuropathic as I have Central Sensitisation so my pain meds and therapy might be slightly different than yours.

    Its taken me almost two years to find the sweet spot of dosage to have as an normal life as you can have. I still have side effects and still have pain, but I am at least able to leave my bed and get outside. But remember, everyones pain experience is different and everyone reacts differently to different medications.

  • Amitriptyline for me, is the best. 30mg at night. The side effect was sweating, but I've tried Pregablin, dreadful weight gain, Topo... Something ! Dreadful nausea.

    So returned to Amitriptyline, and take Oxybutynin to counteract the sweating. Trying Sage as a natural counteraction, so to come off Oxybutynin.

    Good luck. It's awful trying to find the right drug, our poor bodies!

  • My personal belief and that of many others, pain consultants included, is that the drugs don't work for chronic pain. I too have tried everything. Believe me, if anything had worked, I'd be on it now I'm trying natural supplements at the moment - celadrin capsules and topical cream. The cream, so far, is helping. The capsules take a little time to kick in and I've only been on three days. I never give up hope. Good luck.

  • I cannot have anything cos of allergies. Use tai chi and keep as active as I can. This is hard as on Sunday led the Methodist Church Service and suffering cos I had to stand and preach etc. Still going to do it though. I do sympathise. Try some complementary medicines but I have to add check first with the GP they are happy for you to do this. I am a therapist and always ask clients to check...I can't stand on their feet then.

  • Hi, many different pain killers that don't work or make the world spin? I now use Solpadine Plus, solvable or tablets. That are over the counter and honestly 10 times more effective than other prescribed pain killers and no side effects and d

  • I might give Solpadeine a try but they do have codeine in which does have side effects. For me, instant headache.

  • I would see a pain specialist, I have had that problem many times. OpanaER works for me.

  • Been there, suffered like that! Some people just don't get on all that well with medication for pain. I have got off regular pain medication thanks to botox injections in the trigger points in my muscles, and only occasionally need something a bit stronger now. Also, things like exercise or gentle stretching, heat and TENS machines have helped in reducing or stopping the pain for a short while, just long enough to get a break.

    Good luck

  • Only things that work for my back, hip and leg pain are alcohol (liver is done in), and versatis plasters (lidocaine) take the edge off.

  • My husband has ME - nothing has ever helped his pain other than therapeutic massage which I trained to do to help him. After a few years he asked the dr was there anything more effective than strong co codamol. She explained there were several drugs he could try but that when it comes to these drugs the choice is basically 'pain or brain!!' Everything that will help with the pain will affect brain function. The stronger the drug the worse the brain fog! He soldiers on as is for now. My mother in law now needs morphine patches - she said she totally agrees with that doctor - if she needs the relief she uses a patch - if she needs to function she endures the pain - one or the other!!

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