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What to do when you need a question answered by a prrofessional

I have a foot injury that requires laser treatment, as acupuncture is not working. But due to past skin cancer they need consultants agreement that this treatment can go ahead. But I have not seen this consultant since 1987 as I have had no reoccurance . Have tried ringing hospital for advice just keep getting voicemail message . So seems I will just have to suffer in silence as I cant have the best treatment as we can't get help or advice. Any one got any ideas

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Hello katieoxo

Am I right in thinking you don't live within the UK>

After almost 30 yrs since you last saw this consultant I think it is unlikely he is still there. Did he give you the all clear in 1987 from skin cancer? Is there no record of this on rile?

I am not sure what he needs to give his approval or be contacted. If you signed a disclaimer would that not cover your treatment?

Within the UK there would be several options but if you live abroad I'm not sure what else to suggest.

Pat x


Well Pat I typed a reply but the computer messed it. To answer your questions I do live in the UK, the consultant who treated me is still around as he was only a young doctor then. Think he is clinical lead of the dermatology now.I was given the all clear in 1989 with no return since.It should still be on record plus GPs notes and I have a copy at Home. I have signed for treatment with Chiropractor states treatments may not work for some.Like you I thought that would suffice, it's he does not want to risk laser without medical consideration incase things go wrong, he has taken reasonable steps to avoid it if that makes sense. Since posting my surgery has suggested I have my ankle looked at again by them before we consent to laser. Thanks Pat for asking and your reply. I'm just fed up dealing with one pain after another some of which is chronic long term, if laser could cure it.


I suspect that after that length of time you will need a new referral - even if it is to the same specialist. Explain why you need it to your GP, and ask them to do a new referral.


Thanks for reply, don't need to see skin specialist just need advice on whether laser is safe for someone who has already had skin cancer in the past. I'm sure he does not have time to waste on someone who doesn't need his treatment. Normally a GP would ask for this advice or the person treating the patient, so have to wait and see what the GP says next week. I thought it was up to the patient to consent or not after risks were outlined. Or well guess it's back to the pill bottle again


Your GP should help you progress with this.




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