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I have been diagnosed with

rectocele and cystocele and deficient perineum

I have excruciating back pain going all down my legs and pelvic pain, still waiting to see what can be done about my prolapses, does that also mean my womb has prolapsed as well, and is there any strong painkillers to get rid of this pain. I seem to get it more when I am walking, as I am a carer in the community, I walk quite a bit, can you help me please?

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I think it would be impossible for anyone on here to say if your uterus was prolapsing or whether the pain was caused by your other prolapse, I assume rectal? If there is new pain and new symptoms, you need to see your doc. Best wishes.


Well I'm waiting for an appointment to see prolapse specialist, but if this pain persists for much longer I will see my GP, can't stand this pain for much longer, need some strong pain killers. anyway thanks for the advice.



I wouldn't mess around with this. If it hurts like that, get in to see the GP.

This kind of pain shouldn't be covered up. I do wonder if you have a bladder

infection going on. x


Went to Docs today she gave me full examination. said it doesn't look like it is related to the prolapses. she said it sounds like sciatica. Been given Co-codamol,along with dioctyl to prevent constipation. Has taken edge off it after one dose. Doc said it should relieve pain after 24 hours, so I should give it a chance to kick in. I'm so happy now pain is subsiding. no bladder infection, that's been tested, came back clear. Thanks for your response. x



Glad you're feeling better.


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