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What can putting a TENS machine on your carotid artery do?

I was in to see my chiro and two techs took me to the TENS machine. I showed the tech where it hurt and.she said she couldnt put the electrode there but the other tech said she could so she did. I started to feel weird and looked it up and every site says NOT to put it on carotid but doesnt say what can happen do.

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Supposedly the reason for not placing electrodes in that area is can excite a choking response however in the past 38 years of doing this I have yet to see that happen to anyone or hear of it happening to anyone.


The carotid arteries are the main blood vessels that supply your head and neck so I presume if the electrodes were placed on or near that site it could interfere with blood getting to the brain.


Hi I am no health professional , however, common sense you tell anyone not to put it there. If you don't have a tens machine at home , may I suggest to go on google or if you live in UK look it up on N.H.S site. I would certainly ask for another tech to connect electrode. However, what I do know is this could have detrimental on your heart. Although, please do not quote me on this good luck


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