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Extreme pain, what can I do?

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I have dreadful pain in the lower back and under the buttock area, I had an xray last Tuesday though I haven't got the results yet but my Dr. gave me Naproxen but they are not helping. I can't walk properly and sitting is horrendous as is trying to get in and out of bed. I tried co-codamol but had an awful reaction to them yesterday, probably due to interaction with other medications. Can anyone offer a suggestion to ease this pain please?

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See a Chiropractor


You could try a body rub for joint pain,put the tube in a mug of hot water first have a bath or shower, if a shower move the shower head around the effected site, With the ointment apply straight after bathing, this will open the pores of the skin, apply warm ointment to effected area.

You say that you are taking a list of other medications, the Naproxen that reduces the inflamed joints Because you seem to be taking further medications I am unable to suggest a pain medication, you could try Paracetamol for a period of time leading up to getting your Xray results


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Thanks Bob, just had a hot bath and applied rub and now have hot water bottle, so hoping for pain controlled evening. Amber

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I've had the results of x-ray today,the cartilage has worn on the lower vertebrae and there is a slight slipping of the disc as they are rubbing together. Dr. has given me Tramadol as well as the Naproxen and have been referred for physio. Glad I now know the cause, Thanks for your help

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You don't say what other medication you are taking, so it's difficult to advise you, also I am not a Doctor who I recommend you see as soon as possible. The only advise I can give you ifor short term pain relief for your symptoms, which are guaranteed not to cause you any damage, until you see your GP and get X-Ray results are as follows

1) Fill a bath with water as hot as you can comfortable stand, add lot's of bath salts or Radox.(recommended) lie in bath, until water starts to get cold, get out, rub down and dry with towel.

2)When dry and relaxed fill a hot water bottle, with water as hot as you can comfortably stand. and position on the area of the greatest pain and if possible lie on top of it. It's an old family cure, handed down from my grandmother It works for me, or makes the pain bearable and let's you get some sleep..

Hope it works for you and best of luck with X-Rays e t c.


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Hi, thank you for your advice, the hot water is giving immediate relief for lower back and that's brilliant but not buttocks, so I'm going to have a hot salt bath now. If I have to alternate between the two to get relief. then so be it, Regards Ambers

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Hi amberrose

I'm glad it's given you some temporary relief, but the pain in your buttocks must be caused from another source , if you want to try an externally applied pain relief apart from those recommended by our other friends in the forum.One I have used is called " "BIOFREEZE" it" recommended for the treatment of Arthritis. back pain, Strain,s e t c You spray on the affected area,it's "Cold and Smelly" but in my case has worked after 2 or 3 apps. But let's be realistic if you buy all these potion and lotions your bathroom will look like the Boots chemist's.

My best advice is to go to a local Chiropractor or Physiotherapist (preferable recommended} and your GP to get a professional diagnosis, and follow their recommendation,s. I wish you the best of luck, and a pain free xmas.


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Have you been seen by a rheumatologist? if not, and this pain hasn't come on after a definite injury, then insist that your GP refers you - lower back and sacroiliac joint pain (that hurts when you sit) is the hallmark of ankylosing spondylitis or spondyloarthritis, which is not something that GPs seem particularly good at recognising. The good news though is that if it is spondy, then the naproxen should make a significant difference, as NSAIDs are the first line treatment for spondyloarthritis (which is a type of inflammatory arthritis, a bit like Rheumatoid arthritis, but affecting the spine and the ends of tendons). Did your doctor give you the full prescribable dose of naproxen? and are you taking it regularly at the maximum dose? if not, then that could be a reason why it isn't working well.

Of course the other possibility is that it is some form of mechanical back pain, with referred pain going into your buttocks. Generally this is quite time limited and will ease off on its own after a period of time, whether or not you have any treatment.

In the meantime try using either heat or ice on the areas, or alternating both - whichever feels best.

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Thank you, yes I am taking the maximum dose, it's been a week now and I haven't had any benefit yet. I am as I type, sitting with a hot water bottle on my lower back and it's the first relief I've had. Only problem is my buttock pain isn't helped. Going to try a hot salt bath now. Many thanks Amber

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I will finally get my x-ray results tomorrow. Pain returned with a vengeance and the Naproxen hasn't helped at all. As codeine upset me, is there any stronger codeine free pain relief I can ask for? I've had this for 5 weeks now bar a couple of days.Thanks


The medication given to you is an NSID that relieves the inflammation of your joints. I do not know what other medications you are on and I remember advising joint rub, this seems to have not been any good. Your GP is now involved so you should take advice from Him although a pain medication will need to be taken when required You have been prescribed Tramadol used in moderate to severe pain You say the pain medication you were taking had very bad contraindications, sometimes this is caused by not being used to taking that sort of medication. Your GP will know what other medications you are taking and will prescribe accordingly.Tramadol is the drug I take every day, they can be kinder to the tummy as they are an opiates

Tramadol is strong and will cause contraindications such as making you sleepy.Although a good choice for that pain you have..

Because of the problems you have further Specialist treatments may be require, possibly Pain Management, Good luck with what ever they prescribe


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Hi, We hope you are feeling a little better. "We" are myself,Annlynne, and my lovely hubby Bill. He has peripheral neuropathy related to his rheumatoid arthritis (+ osteo!) He is presently experiencing a flare up and is in a state of near -screaming. I have P.N. following a serious stroke which paralysed my left side and (trying to get back to "normal" ) a broken hip which was "repaired" not replaced.I have been suffering the symptoms with no official diagnosis. From this site I realise all my symptoms are from nerve damage. (including the insufferable incontinence which I have been coping with in silence) Have any of you lovely people been prescribed Gabapentin? I have been "managing?" the pain with the maximum dose. The pain management clinic advised that I gave this drug a "holiday" and take Pregabalin as a straight swap. My doctors said it was okay just to replace one with the other, despite my worries about a sudden swop. I have tried to gradually replace starting yesterday. But I had an excruciating night. We were in agony together "such fun" I managed to cook our salmon supper yesterday and bless him , Bill is making me a mushroom omelette this morning. Needless to say I have taken 600mg of Gabapentin. I cynically wonder if the Pregabalin is cheaper for NHS ? Love to all -keep your chins up, don't go out in this icy weather unless you have to. xxxx

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