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I suffer with chronic pain due to a degenerative disease of my lumbar spine.

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Being in chronic pain takes your life away. I was always given adequate pain relief until my Doctor retired. I would like to know why Doctors refuse to give you pain relief knowing you have a serious condition and you are in pain. They say 120mg of Morphine is suffice. I have been perscribed much higher doses by pain management as I have needed it. I have always reduced my meds in the past when I have deemed it necassary. How on earth can Doctors now expect me to reduce my pain medication when I am in that much pain I struggle to leave the house and look after myself. Can anyone shed some light into this.

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I suffer backache they keep put me on tramadol a d codeine knowing am a addict I cant take them they dont care

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Daz75 in reply to Rukhsana26

With respect I'm not an addict and If you have a surplus of controlled pain medication you need to let your Dr know and return them to you Dr Surgery to dispose of them safely.

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Rukhsana26 in reply to Daz75

Not addict lol u just get hooked on pain killers that’s all be careful tramadol is bad and codeine u do what’s best for yourself don’t tell me what to do lol. U most be addict coz they given you all the tablets

Apparently, they would prefer you to use two three or even four different, additional painkillers,rather than being dependent on one. It is supposed to be easier and safer to switch, in the future, should you need additional pain relief.

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Daz75 in reply to FRreedman

I have trialled many medications by my pain clinicand through massive trial and error I was put on codeine and MST 120 mg twice a day. (Just for pain) That was my maintenance dose. When I had a flare up my MST was increased. I would then decrease the dosage on my own fruition when my flare up had cleared. But I maintained my maintenance dose for a long while until my Doctor retired. I have had to reduce my medication when still in pain. After many appointments and discussions and medication reviews on using different medication. I have faced a brick wall which has stressed me out and exacerbated my condition.

U heed get a social worker help with that doctors etc medication

As my Mum always said go to the top! Go back to your GP and request firmly to see a Pain Management Consultant as you would like a second opinion.After an assessment they can liaise with you and each other to hopefully get you some adequate pain relief. Good Luck.

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Daz75 in reply to RedfoxMorse

I have completely exhausted the process with regards to pain management specialist, I have also had a specialist review with regards to my pain medication which they have ignored. Thats my question, my Drs send me to pain management specialist, they give me what they deem as adequate pain relief. Then the plan is not followed and I am left in pain which is severely affecting my day to day activities.

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Fr3nchvik1973 in reply to Daz75

If you are not getting the services you should from your GP move to another one! I work in a GP surgery and if a letter comes from the hospital requesting medication then it should be issued by the GP, the only time it isn't is if it isn't on formulary then the letter goes back to the hospital for them to prescribe or an alternative.

If people haven't experienced pain sometimes they don't believe in it but as a GP they should have an open mind and see everyone as an individual not a number.

Bells75 you need to find a new GP! Xx

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Daz75 in reply to Fr3nchvik1973

I live in a rural area so I have been told I dont live in a catchment area where I can move to another surgery.

hi you can always go to your pain management team and request them to send a letter to your doctor stating the amount of pain medication that you need. You can also ask your doctor for a second opinion and also ask for tramadol if you're alright with taking that. most doctors surgeries are on a limited amount of pain relief they can prescribe to each patient.

They are required to stick to the amount they are allowed to prescribe out to patients this may be the reason why.

But welcome to the funny farm we're all in pain here lol 🤪

I think that doctors these days are so reluctant to give ade


I know all about this pain, I also have degenerative spinal problems, I had a operation on my spine a few years back, I was suppose to have metal rods, but when the surgeon did the operation he said my spine was so badly degenerated that he grafted bone from hip into my spine, but told me it would help the leg pain but I would still suffer with back ache, lately I have been having bursitis of the hip, and on x - ray they thought at some point I had an old injury, it must have been from the bone that was removed for my back.

You are lucky to get any pain relief, when I asked the GP said that no pain killers would help the pain and numbness that I have down my thigh.

Just physiotherapy, last time it made everything much worst, they tried stretching me just about everything, but still had a spine operation.

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Arsepain in reply to Shadow19422

Omg change your doctor lol. You poor soul. I stopped physio a long time ago as it caused more pain and I couldn't walk for three days 🤣👍 . You take care and keep nagging that doc !

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Daz75 in reply to Arsepain

Thank you.

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Daz75 in reply to Shadow19422


Pain is the number one reason why patients see a Doctor. If you are unwell and are in pain whats the point in having Doctors if they are not going to help you and address your problem.

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Shadow19422 in reply to Daz75


It’s disgusting the GPs are claiming they have to much to do, and a shortage of GPs, in my surgery to see my own GP it can take anything from 3-4 weeks.

I am in terrible pain in my thigh when I stand or walk, I was offered nothing for pain relief, but told that pain killers would not do anything for the pain, just told I need physiotherapy, I am still waiting for a appointment date.

But I suppose it’s for the best seeing as the coronavirus is getting worst.

U taken lots pain. Killers be carful you don’t get addicted to them

What else are you doing for your back pain besides the pain meds

We had same trouble when our gp retired, new guy is so bad refuse to see him but luckily we have a big practise so can see different Dr's. Hate having to go through your entire medical history every time you see another locum

I agree with you and don't understand why the doctors don't help with pain relief... The strongest the doctor will give me is either Paracetamol or Co-Codamol. Then being on aspirin he tells me I can't take it due to the codeine. He won't prescribe anything stronger!

I have been on opiate based medications for years. The main problem with that is over time you reqUire more to do the same job. My GP is a end of life specialist and very good when treating pain. I have a range of step 2 and 3 medications and my GP allows me to raise and lower the dose to deal with severe acute on chronic pain. Basically I manage my own pain within reasonable limits. My GP knows I will gradually reduce the medication used for severe episodes the same as I have reduced my maintenance dose when I feel I do not need the upper levels of relief. From your post you do the same thing and I cannot understand the attitude of your GP.

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Daz75 in reply to Badbessie


Thank you for your insight into my situation. It is absolutely essential that their is trust between your Doctor and yourself. Like yourself, I have had relationships with previous Doctors where I would reduce my medication on my own fruition when needed but be able to increase my medication when needed. Unfortunately now this is not the case.

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