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Pain relief from Aloe vera and Arnica

Haven't commented much for a while but still here listening to every post.and question.

Fracture of pelvis

SI pain

Anyone tried either Aloe vera or Arnica to help with pain relief of above?

One's mine and the other is Mum.

Pat x

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Hi - I've only had personal experience of Aloe Vera. I've used it in toothpaste helping to reduce inflammation in my mouth as I react to so many things. Toothpaste is a particular problem. I wake most mornings with Angelina Jolie lips. Why the rest of my body doesn't cotton on and similarly emulate bits of Angelina Jolie I don't know! Joking aside I have found Aloe Vera to be beneficial at calming inflammation for surface irritation on skin. Re Arnica this is meant to help heal bruising. I'm not sure how good either are for pain relief as such. I think, but may be remembering it wrongly, that the only thing I have heard about Arnica was that it is one of the few natural remedies subjected to tests similar to the ones carried out on conventional medicine and it didn't work any better than placebos. However I am not sure that this should be taken too seriously as the source was a programme on TV. Namely QI. I enjoy the programme and they can be great for snippets of information but they don't get everything right. Hope the pain isn't too bad right now. Best wishes.


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