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hi I just found this site I am on the fibro site as well, I suffer from chronic pain, Im on max dose of baclofen, gabapentin,duloxetine,cocodemol

I have





osteo in hips spine knees etc

irritable bladder


and the list goes on

am Im well and truly fed up with the pain being out of control

and one any ideas what to try

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Hi lally Sorry to read that your chronic pain is controlling you and not the other way around. I have recently been on a Pain Management Residential Course where we learnt about all the side effects of medication given to treat one condition but always, in some way, affecting or causing another. Unfortunately doctors dont really tell you about that. I have CFS/Fibro/Migraine and priority has been getting off the painkillers and managing the pain in a different way. I would suggest that you get someone objective to take a look at all the medication that you are taking and specifically to look at the side effects. You may well find that they have brought on/made worse some of your other conditions. Treating the mind/body connection as a whole with psychology/breathing/relaxation techniques has been wonderfully liberating for me and I control the pain that way, something I never thought possible. Please seek a different approach and get your life back. Meds are wonderful short term but too much of a good thing can literally make you sick! Kymladybear

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Lally - that sounds awful. I'd also recommend a Pain Management Programme - I went to one at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore. Your GP can refer you regardless of where you live, but waiting lists are long and you may prefer somewhere more local.

As for pain relief, the only thing that has helped my leg pain is an electromagnetic therapy called Scenar. It's Russian and not very well known in the UK - it works by promoting the body's healing process and can be used for a range of ailments. I can recommend Scenar therapists in London + Essex or why not speak to one of the practitioners listed on this site:

Good luck!



I suffer bad neuropathic pain and have tried lots of medication with no joy but Amitriptyline helped a bit, I just started using Himalayan pink salt as a soak in the bath and my pain has now decreased, it's from westlab they have an outlet on ebay 10Kg £12 plus £5.45 delivery, the magnesium content does it i think.

Best wishes



Hi Steve - the salts sound interesting. I'll give anything a go! I see that westlab also sell espom and Dead Sea salts. Do you have any experience with these?



Hi, the best salt is pure Magnesium Chloride but it is quite expensive £10 for 1 kilo! Epsom is Magnesium Sulphate and dead sea is 30% magnesium chloride, I've been using the pink salt

for just over a month and have just got more! I've reduced my Amitriptyline from 100mg to just 10mg! I think it is well worth a try, the reason I have researched this is because after using vitamin D3 for 2 months my muscle spasms and pain got worse, I've found that vitamin d uses Magnesium to be converted to it's active form in the bloodstream and I think the increased pain is Magnesium deficiency? the best way is transdermally through the skin with salt.

Best wishes



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