Pain across my back

Ever since I had an SVT last November I have had a pain across my back It makes me very breathless, Some mornings when I wake up I find it really hard to even turn over and get up, the only way I can explain where the pain is is across the base of my shoulder blades to my waist, I have the pain most of the day, it is becoming very wearing..My doctor says its most probably muscular but I am getting really worried can anybody advice me.

Thank You

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  • I get rib pain, particularly around my breastbone and also the lower ribs at the back. Mine is costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage) that goes along with my ankylosing spondylitis (an inflammatory spinal disorder)..

  • Thank You Earthwitch you have read my mind it is as if you have been right next to me when I get this pain .

    Thanks Again

  • What is SVT?

  • an SVT is a very high beat rate ,my heart beat was over 200 beats per minutes.

  • Is it a spasm? Different kind of medicine is used for that.

  • Hi I used to be a physiotherapist before I had the issues I have now. The pain you describe now does sound like muscular. If it's difficult to take a deep breathe in without having pain it's because the muscles are tight and the lungs can't expand hence the pain you feel. What can work is deep tissue massages over a period of time. Whilst they are initially uncomfortable they can and do make a big difference over time. What is important though is to continue with the treatment over a number of weeks so that the therapist can break the 'muscle memory' of the muscles. Hope this helps.

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