Lumps appearing in the temple area

I've been wondering , if a patient has had two lumps appearing on the side of the head just at the temples on both sides of his head, and has issues around walking Jerking forward and complains of hissing in the ears and tongue feels like it's being cut and sensations in his scalp at the top of his head and complains of when he puts his head on his pillow and as he does feels like he is in a lift going down.

I'm curious to see what would be the first thing a doctor would look at, and these symptoms would they be typical of something obvious. complaining about problems with his arms and fingers and in a lot of pain in the neck ,and sudden movements with his head and jerky like movements in his demeanor , and has had a serious head injury in the past. but he is compos mentis but is having severe stabbing headaches in the temple area.

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  • First thing probably would possibly be a brief neurological examination - things like reflexes (and yes, testing your knee jerks is important, even if the problem is in your head), sensation of pin prick or light touch, and maybe if you have a GP who is a bit more up on neuro stuff they might do some other neuro tests like coordination, poking your tongue out, saying things like la la la, scrunching up your face, etc. All those things tell them whether you have any problem with cranial or spinal nerves. If they were all totally normal, then it points to there not being any serious neurological disorder. Pressure and pain around the temples might also get a doctor thinking circulatory problems, so I suppose they could also possibly do things like ECG, or at least listen to your heart rate, maybe even feeling for your neck pulses. If you also have a lot of neck pain, then they may be thinking that you have degenerative disease in your neck that is pressing on nerves.

    But, I'm not a doctor. The only way you are going to find out whether your symptoms are considered to be something that needs investigating is to actually go to your doctor and tell them. One thing I have learned is that doctors have very short attention spans. If you go with a huge list, then they stop listening after the first couple of things. Make a list yourself in nice short bullet points. Re-write the list just keeping the most important things on it, and put a mark by the three most important. Show your doctor the list, tell them which three things bug you most, then ask if they think anything else on the list is important. That way you can focus the appointment and might get something out of it.

  • Research temporal arteritis / giant cell arteritis.

  • Sounds like you are a contender for a role in the next Star Wars movie,only kidding Alex lad,I'm unsure what's up pal but Earthwitch seems to know her onions,keep smiling and laughing and you will pull through fella,well it seems to help a little with my CRPS anyway all the best pal.

  • Aye the same to you Yorkshireste" and yes' keeping on smiling is good medicine , but the pain can really lay you out ,it's good to hear from someone who is cheerful in their position, for myself I've just been reading about Darth Vadar in the Ukraine , so maybe I will be cast in his new political party as long as it's not right wing me and my strange (movement disorder) as I heard some doctor say, will be there, and excuse my ignorance around CRPS , Yorkshirest ' but it sounds bad best wishes mate

  • I'm so pleased you laughed at my remark Alex,yes Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a beast at the best of times,it's not rare to sleep eighteen hours per day,I'm on 75mcg of Fentanyl per hour over 72 hours,it's a 3 day patch,it's also over 80 times more potent than morphine,very very dangerous my friend but what can you do,6ft 2inch 18st 6lb and crying uncontrollably so loud,I was in vile pain that only peadophiles should go through,and this was been static in bed,the fentanyl has helped with the static pain but I only have to attempt to walk with my crutches,sometimes only one crutch but the day after I pay for it,it's a hideous pain I can only imagine exists in the theatre of war!!!sadly there is no cure for my disease,although it won't kill me it has certainly stopped me from enjoying life to the full and has very much changed my persona in many ways,I like to feed the birds but they get upset when I throw bacon rind and it sticks on their new dresses or jeans,lol hehe,another thing I'm trying to cope with is my weight,I'm on the maximum dosage of Pregablin two x 300mg per day and they really have made me balloon from a steady 15st to my Jabba the hut weight,but I got advice from a lady on this site which explained that Pregablin stores water therefor my extra weight is not fat but an oasis,you take care my bud,hopefully speak soon,all the best Alex,Steve.

  • Sorry to hear mate, but If I can have a fraction of your humour I'd be happy, anything I say will only sound a bit tweey and pointless as pain affects all aspects of our lives and moods and I'm sorry I took longer to get back to answer your message, needless to say Steve I wish you well, Oh and I myself am ballooning with these pills, but I recently went back on them to go and visit my family in Scotland, and they did help me get around enough just so as I wasn't a burden to them, but I thought maybe I could come off them again , but my pain makes it impossible now and am having to ask my doctor to raise my dosage, so there it is my wee moan for today.... best Alex

  • Have a sed rate taken to see the amount of inflammation you have in your body. It could be temporal artitis or maybe you could be tested for fibromyalgia. Guess a guess. Good luck!

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