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We would appreciate feedback on 'Struggling to be me' film based on a research aiming to understand what it's like to live with pain

'Struggling to be me' is a short film exploring patients’ experiences of living with chronic musculoskeletal pain, based on a research funded by National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Health Services & Delivery Research (HS&DR).

The research team explored experience of over 1000 adults, and brought these findings together. With the help of media professionals, the film was then scripted from authentic words and performed by an actress.

you can read more about the project and the video on our website:

Pain Concern and the researchers would be grateful for feedback on the video, which you can leave by commenting below, or emailing us at

2 Replies

I thought that was really well presented, I showed it to a few friends who do not suffer from chronic pain and they said it gave them greater empathy so I would recommend others to do the same.



Have seen the film. Useful for those who cannot get the help required to reduce the pain. The NHS is geared towards written reports and to things that can be written down. Treatments which rely on touch and integration with the patient do not get much of a look in despite their effectiveness. As someone who gets physical and mental help on how to handle pain outside the medical system I am not to impressed with the film. The film stops people from getting treatment that could help them.

The last government removed many healers from the medical system. When I see my chiropractor I want to see a healer, not someone who has degree qualifications with no ability or little ability to heal with their hands. Once various healing groups conducted study up to A level standard. Now with registration, members of healing groups are having to engage in degree courses of study. Many healers are able to engage with A level type education, but are unable to engage with degree level education.

I have taught people how to avoid having migraine attacks with my hands together with explanation. I have reduced pain with my hands. My hands and eyes are sensitive to certain types of muscle behaviour which the average medical consultant is unable to see. I do not wish to undertake degree study just to do what I know how to do an ability I was born with.


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